164 Kit Carson Peak Ct Showing Prep List


164 Kit Carson Peak Ct Staging Checklist

April, 2019


  • Tidy the landscaping and add fresh plantings as needed.
  • Add the American flag to the flag pole mount on the right side of the garage.
  • Keep the trash and recycle bins tucked in the garage for photos and showings.
  • Touch-up the paint on the front steps.
  • Add a large, neutral door mat at the front door for a grand appearance. 
  • On the back deck, store the bright blue side table and clear the floor space except for the rug.  Touch up the paint on the steps.
  • Store the rooster.
  • Deep clean the interior of the home to sparkle.
  • Touch-up paint throughout the home where walls are scuffed and hanging items have been taken down.
  • Replace low wattage light bulbs (60W or below) with brightest bulbs recommended by manufacturer. Similar fixtures within each room should have matching bulbs. Corkscrew bulbs should be removed. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be dusted and cleaned.
  • Replace/add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if discolored and if not near all sleeping areas.
  • Windows including glass, screens, and sills should be spotless allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter the home. Unused screens can be stored to brighten rooms.
  • Stored items should be located neatly in the closet below the stairs or in the mechanical room rather than in bedroom closets.
  • Switch on all lamps and overhead lights and leave doors to all interior rooms open for photos and showings.
Entry and Hall
  • Store the boot trays and small area rug by the garage for photos and showings.
  • Clear out the coat closet except for a basket on the shelf and a few jackets on matching hangers.  A couple of empty matching hangers can be left for an inviting look.  Consider wood or high-end hangers for this space for a high-end look.
  • Hang the art piece that was on the wall bordering the garage in the niche to the left of the laundry room door.

Front Bedroom

  • Add a single rectangular or pair of soft, light-colored throw pillows on the bed. (18"x18" ivory)
  • Store the clock.
  • Add the beige bed skirt.
  • Tidy the closet.
  • Add the red side table and lamp from the downstairs bedroom on the side of the bed closest to the big window.

    Upstairs Bathroom

    • Add a decorative piece on the back of the toilet or on the vanity such as faux flowers or branches in a vase.
    • Add a small, decorative area rug.
    • Display the white towels and store the trash can for photos and showings.

    Laundry Room

    • Remove the over-the-door hook.
    • Keep the tops of the washer and dryer cleared off.
    • Tidy the cabinet contents.


    • Take down the name sign.
    • Trim the torn garage floor mat.
    • Tidy the shelves and tool boxes.
    • Keep a minimal number of items in the garage to make it appear as large as possible.
    • Clear off the steps into the house.
    • Wash the floor and clean the walls.


    • Neatly organize the book cabinet.
    • Store the items that are below the book cabinet and those that are on the floor around the book cabinet.
    • Store the floor lamp.
    • Tidy the desk, close the laptop, and push the laptop and mouse to the back of the desk for photos and showings to conceal the cords.


    • Store the two bar stools that are nearest the dining room table to create a wider walkway.
    • Remove or replace the under-counter lights with models that are battery powered to eliminate the visible cords.
    • Pair down and neatly organize cabinet contents.
    • Keep the counters cleared off as much as possible to make the kitchen appear large.
    • Display the Williams Sonoma or other light-colored dish towels for photos and showings.
    • Clear off the island by moving the plant in the white pot to the perimeter counter top.

      Living Room

      • Clear off the coffee table and side table for photos and showings.
      Dining Room
      • Remove the table leaf and place the four chairs which were in the garage around the table.
      • To simplify the space, store the photo that's above the china cabinet and place the woven tiered basket on top of the china cabinet.

          Master Bedroom

          • Add a decorative piece on the niche just outside of the door to the master bedroom.
          • Lower the blinds on the three small windows above the bed and keep them tilted open for photos and showings for a private feel.
          • In the closet, use matching hangers for a clean look and keep the floor space clear.

            Master Bath

            • Move the striped area rug to the center of the space.
            • Add a decorative piece on the back of the tub deck.
            • Display the white towels with the blue paisley wash clothes, tuck away the trash can, and remove personal items from the vanity for photos and showings.

            Lower Level Family Room

            • Remove the stereo that's on the floor.
            • Add the side table from the Lower Level Guest Bedroom on the side of the couch nearest the stairs.
            • Move the chair to the far corner of the sitting area, on an angle beside the couch.
            • Move the floor lamp that's beside the couch to the corner.
            • Store the exercise bike and ball and the floor lamp with the pinecone shade.
            • Move the table and aspen art pieces that are above it to the wall where the floor lamp and chair are setting.
            • Touch-up the stain on the entertainment center top edge.

              Lower Level Guest Bedroom (facing Castle Valley Blvd)

              • Move one end table and lamp up to the Guest Bedroom on the main level and the other end table to the Lower Level Family Room.  
              • Store the remaining table lamp, the mattress topper, and the art from the wall.

                Lower Level Bathroom

                • Add a decorative item on the vanity such as a faux white orchid.
                • Place the basket from the Master Closet on the back of the toilet. 
                • Display the white towels for photos and showings.

                Lower Level Largest Bedroom

                • Remove the curtain rods.
                • Store all items other than the art on the walls, the plant, and the secretary.
                • Tidy the closets and stored items keeping as much of the floor space as possible clear.  Extra items (chairs) can be stored in the Mechanical Room rather than closets since buyers want to see plenty of space within closets.

                Mechanical Room

                • Tidy the shelves and store items in matching containers where possible.
                • Clear off the work bench.
                • Place stored chairs/items at the back of the room so that they are not visible when first entering the space.