230 Meadow Wood Road Showing Prep List


230 Meadow Wood Road, Glenwood Springs CO

September, 2019

  • Remove vehicles from the driveway.
  • Hang the American flag.
  • Sweep off the front porch and back patio.
  • Clear any sign of pets from the yard.
  • On the back patio, arrange the dining set with the umbrella up and push in the bar chairs.
  • Tuck away the lawn trailer and store the lounge chair.


    • Open curtains, blinds, and shades and switch on all lamps and overhead lighting.
    • Clear off surfaces.
    • Wipe down glass and mirrors.
    • Tuck away pet crates, beds, food, and items.
    • Place kid toys within their bedrooms or in the upstairs play areas.

    Living Room

    • Clear off the coffee table and hearth.
    • Add the decorative throw pillows on the sofa and loveseat. 

    Dining Room

    • Clear off the dining table except for a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Alstroemeria are a long lasting, affordable flower that are great for staging.


    • Add 2 backless bar stools at the island.
    • Clear off the front and sides of the refrigerator.
    • Hang the light-colored dish towels on the oven and dishwasher doors.
    • Clear off and wipe down the counters.

    Laundry Room

    • Tidy any items hanging on the coat hooks.
    • Clear off the counter and the top of the laundry bins.
    • Clear the floor space.
    • Tuck away pet items.


    • Clear the floor space around the steps into the house.
    • Tidy the work bench.
    • Remove vehicles if possible.

    Powder Bath

    • Clear off the vanity except for the bears in the boat and the vase of lavender.
    • Tuck away the kids stool and toilet cleaner/plunger.
    • Close the toilet lid.

      Master Bedroom

      • Switch on the bedside sconces.
      • Make the bed in light-colored bedding.
      • Remove personal items from bedside tables and dresser tops.
      • Open the sheers and tilt the blinds open.
      • Tidy the closets, keeping the floor space clear.

      Master Bath

      • Open the blind on the large window above the tub.
      • Store the rug, scale, and trash can out of sight, tuck away personal items, robes and product bottles.
      • Close the toilet lid.
      • Add the white towels, the faux white orchid on the vanity, and the area rug.

        Landing at top of Stairs

        • Tidy the kids play area.

        Kids Bathroom

        • Display the white towels, clear off the vanity other than hand soap, and tuck away the trash can, toiletries, toilet tools, steps, and rugs.
        • Pull the shower curtain open and tuck it behind the tub edge.
        • Close the toilet lid.

        Kids Bedrooms

        • Neatly arrange toys and books.
        • Tidy beds and clothes.
        • Clear the floor space.
        • Keep the floor space in front of the exterior clear so that viewers can access the patio.

        Family Room

        • Tidy the kids toys.
        • Clear the floor space.
        • Tidy the sofa, chair, and love seat removing any personal items.
        • Clear off the bar top and push in the 4 bar stools.

          Guest Bedroom

          • Open the double doors.
          • Make the bed with the white bedding.

          Guest Bathroom

          • Pull the shower curtain open and tuck it behind the tub edge.
          • Close the toilet lid.
          • Place the white towels on the hooks and towel ring.
          • Tuck away the toilet tools.