4346 CR 115 Showing Prep List


4346 County Road 115, Glenwood Springs CO

December, 2019

  • Keep the driveway, walkways, patio, and decks clear of snow.


    • Open curtains, blinds, and shades and switch on all lamps and overhead lighting.


    • Clear off the counters and island.
    • Remove all but the blue, brown, and cream floral runner rug and place it in front of the sink.
    • In the mudroom, clear off the counter and window sill and tuck away the trash can and cleaning tools.

    Laundry Room

    • Clear off the tops of the washer and dryer.
    • Remove any hanging items and clear the floor space.

    Powder Bath

    • Clear off the vanity other than hand soap and a hand towel.
    • Tuck away any toilet tools and close the toilet lid.
    • Place white towels.

    Hall and Stairs

    • Store the rugs that are along the length of the hall.

    Sitting Room by Kitchen

    • Push in the bar stools. 

    Sun Room/Wood Storage Room

    • Remove the bed.
    • Tidy the wood and keep the floor clear of debris.

    Living Room

    • Clear off the coffee table other than the flowers.
    • Tidy the sofa, propping up the pillows.

    Dining Room

    • Clear off the countertops and knee wall between the dining room and fireplace.
    • Remove a leaf from the table and move two of the chairs to the bonus room.
    • Keep the chairs tucked in and the table top cleared off.

    Bonus Room

    • Clear off the desk surface and tuck in the chairs.
    • For photos, cover the hatch in the floor with the plush rug.
    • For showings, leave the rug clear of the hatch so that buyers can access the storage below.

     Master Bedroom

    • Take down the items hanging on the back of the door.
    • Swap the closet doors so they function with ease.
    • Clear off the tops of the dressers and night stand as much as possible.
    • Take down the rod above the bed.
    • Make the bed in light colored bedding and open the curtains all of the way.

    Master Bath

    • Pull the curtains to either side of the window to let in as much natural light as possible.
    • Store the dark rug, scale, and trash can out of sight, tuck away personal items, robes and product bottles.
    • Add the white towels. 

      White Bedroom

      • Move the art piece on the wall opposite the bed so that it's centered on the wall.
      • Keep the bed made in light-colored bedding.
      • Pull open the half curtain on the window that's open to the lower level.

      Upstairs Bathroom

      • Display white towels, clear off the vanity other than hand soap, and tuck away the trash can, toiletries, and toilet tools.

      Blue Bedroom

      • Keep the bed made in light-colored bedding.
      • Pull open the curtain.