Spencer Showing Prep List


February, 2019

  • Clear the back patio, front walk, and driveway of snow/debris.
  • On the back patio clear snow from the seating area.
  • Move the grill so that it is not visible from inside the house.
  • Remove any sign of pets.


  • Store personal photos and items.
  • Consolidate kids toys to the kid's bedrooms.
  • Open curtains, blinds, and shades and switch on all lamps and overhead lighting.
  • Tidy the coat closet.
  • Tidy the baskets in the bench and clear off the top other than the cushion.

Dining Room

  • Add a fresh bouquet of flowers and push in the benches at the dining table.
  • Close but don't latch the door to the Powder Bath so that you can't see into the bathroom from the Dining Room.

Powder Bath

  • Display the orchid, hand towel, and soap.
  • Close the toilet lid.
  • Tuck the trash can, wipes, and room spray out of sight.


  • Clear off the countertops.
  • Switch all lights on.
  • Remove the small rugs.

Living Room

  • Clear off the coffee table, side table, and mantle.
  • Neatly arrange the pillows and ivory throw.

Rec Room

  • Tidy the wood bar table and push the chairs in.
  • Clear off the counter tops other than the decor.

Girls' Bedrooms

  • Clear the floor space as much as possible.
  • Neatly make the bed and remove dark blankets.
  • Clear off the tops of dressers and tables.
  • Pull open the drapes and switch on the lamp.

    Girls Bath

    • Pull open the shower curtain 1/3 of the way.
    • Close the toilet seat and store any toilet tools.
    • Clear off the counter top except for a nice-looking bottle or bar of soap.
    • Clear the tub of personal items, and remove the girls rugs, towels, step stools, and toilet seat.
    • Display the white towels.

    Guest Bedroom

    • Tidy the bed.
    • Tuck in the ottoman and fluff the side chair.
    • Pull open the shades and switch on the lamps.

    Guest Bath

    • Tuck away the toilet plunger and cleaning tools.
    • Close the toilet lid.
    • Remove the dark rugs.
    • Clear the shower of personal items.
    • Add the white towels.

      Laundry Room/Mudroom

      • Remove the rugs.
      • Clear off the hooks above the bench except for the leather bags.
      • Clear off the tops of the washer and dryer, the bench, and the counter tops.


      • Store extra equipment within the closet.
      • Dust equipment and TV if needed.
      • Open the blinds and curtains.


      • Tidy the cubbies and work bench.
      • Clear the floor space of the hallway between the garage and mudroom.
      • Remove vehicles to make the garage appear large.


      • Store the baby gate that is at the top of the steps.


      • Tidy the glass shelves.
      • Clear off desk tops and tuck in chairs.

      Upstairs Family Room

      • Tuck away kids toys, extra items.
      • Tidy the TV cabinet.
      • Fluff the sectional and pillows.

      Master Bedroom

      • Clear off the dresser and bedside tables except for the lamp and plants.
      • Pull open the shades.
      • Tidy the chair and ottoman.

        Master Bath

        • Clear the shower of personal items.
        • Store the scale and toilet tools, and close the toilet lid.
        • Store the purple rugs, the robes, and all personal items.
        • Display the white towels, rugs, and the orchid.
        • In the closet, tidy the hanging clothes and shoes, conceal dirty clothes, and switch on the light.