6811 County Rd 117 Staging Checklist


6811 County Rd 117 Staging Checklist

September, 2019

Report Overview: The goal for staging 6811 CR 117 is to make it an inviting home that will appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. This can be achieved by removing personal items, storing unused items, and staging each space for a cohesive appearance.  Click on recommended product photos to be linked for online purchase.

  • Add seasonal decor in the well.
  • Store yard ornaments, wind chimes, and hanging items other than the chili pepper strings.
  • Tidy the landscaping and add fresh mulch in the beds as needed around the property and near the front door. 
  • Store away hoses for showings.
  • Repair the lattice by the front steps.
  • In the back of the home, conceal the exposed control box.
  • Scrape and touch-up paint as needed.
  • Add matching door mats at the front doors to the house and the apartment. 24x57 at the house and 18x30 at the apartment.  If the screen door will not clear the doormat, consider removing the screen door for the fall and winter months.
  • Keep only the table and 6 dining chairs in place on the front deck.
  • On the brick-paved patio, keep the chaise lounge, the side chair, and the pair of love seats.  Add the cushions for showings.
  • Remove the trailer, stored items and the snowmobiles from the covered parking area.
  • Keep the motor home parked under the designated awning.
  • Keep the driveway clear of vehicles for showings.
  • In the horse barn, clear the contents except for horse tack.
  • In the workshop, clear off the workbenches, neatly organize tools and shelf contents and remove anything that's not workshop related.
  • Around the property remove or neatly shop and stack the dead wood (last priority).
  • Deep clean the interior of the home to sparkle.
  • Touch-up paint throughout the home where walls are scuffed and hanging items have been taken down.
  • Replace low wattage light bulbs (60W or below) with brightest bulbs recommended by manufacturer. Similar fixtures within each room should have matching bulbs. Corkscrew bulbs should be removed. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be dusted and cleaned.
  • Replace/add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if discolored and if not near all sleeping areas.
  • Windows including glass, screens, and sills should be spotless allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter the home. Unused screens can be stored to brighten rooms.
  • Stored items should be stacked and organized and placed in the basement.
  • Switch on all lamps and overhead lights and leave doors to all interior rooms open for photos and showings.
  • Take down the small fans for fireplace heat circulation.
Entry and Stairs
  • Store all of the art from the walls other than the three turquoise Native American canvas paintings.
  • Store the round rug, the bench, and the marble side table.
  • Place 1 or two neat looking coats or hats on the coat hook for photos and showings.
  • Clear the landing at the top of the stairs by storing the art on the wall, the photos, table, and lamp.
  • Consider replacing the blue carpet with a light, neutral new carpet to neutralize the look.

    Living Room

    • Remove the piano.
    • Store everything from the walls other than the gold framed mirror and the art piece that's hanging to the left of it.  Move this art piece to hang above the sofa.
    • Store the black chairs, the trunk, the small drop-leaf table, the smaller of the two rugs, the pillows from the sofas and chairs, the armchair near the fireplace, the stacked wood, and all of the items that are mantel other than the clock.
    • Replace the fabric lamp shades with white, un-pleated models to brighten and update.
    • Designer will help place remaining items at follow-up visit.
    • Clear off the side tables other than the lamps. 
    • Add light-colored throw pillows on the seating areas, such as 3-4 of the Lananas 18"x18" ivory pillows and 2 of the rectangular style pillows, to brighten the space.


      • Consider updating all of the white appliances to stainless or replacing the trash compactor panel with a white insert and updating the refrigerator to a white bottom-freezer French door model as large as will fit in the 36" space of the same brand as the range.
      • Store the bakers table and side chair.
      • Remove all items hanging from the cabinets and along the ledge bordering the living room.
      • Hang the copper bunt pans on the wall above the refrigerator.
      • Add the bar stools at the bar counter.
      • Remove all items above the microwave except for a neat-looking basket or two.
      • Pair down and neatly organize cabinet contents.
      • Place a light-colored 5' x 7'5" (or largest size that will fit) rug in the center of the space to brighten and update the room.  
      • Keep the counters and bar counter cleared off to make the kitchen appear large for photos and showings.
      • Store the dog crate and dog items for photos and showings.

      Dining Room

      • Store the rug and the furniture piece that's by the windows.
      • Clear off the walls.
      • Clear off the top of the hutch and keep just a few neutral items displayed on the open shelves.
      • Move the table and chairs 2-3 feet closer to the windows to create a clear walkway for viewers.

      Sun Room

      • Store the floor lamp, the rug, the bird cage, the glass orb, the small white wicker side chair, and the blue pillows to lighten the space.
      • Replace the shades on the table lamps with white models.
      • Tidy the TV cabinet and clear off the top.
      • Remove the handheld vacuum and mount.
      • Store all items from the walls other than the two large modern art pieces.
      • Clear off the tub deck and ledge around the room.
      • Add rolled white towels on the tub deck and pull window treatments all of the way open for photos and showings.

      Main Level Bathroom

      • Store the dresser to make the space appear larger.
      • Clear the vanity and the shower, display fresh towels, and tuck away the trash can for photos and showings.

      Mary's Office

      • Store the world map, the bench, the rug that's under the desk, and the tall cabinet.
      • Place the desk and chair along the wall bordering the mudroom.
      • Store all items from the walls and hang the small gold framed art piece that was to the right of the fireplace flu in the living room centered above the desk.
      • Clear off the desk as much as possible for photos and showings.


      • Take down the dog retainer.
      • Clear the floor space.
      • Keep only seasonal items neatly stored here.

      Clem's Office

      • Pair down the display cabinet contents by 50%.
      • Store the round table and side chairs, the TV dinner tables, the stereo components and cabinet, the speakers, the file cabinet that's by the door, the small table that's to the left of the window with the computer tower on it, and all items from the walls and top of the cabinet.
      • Hang the white modern art piece from by the TV in the Sun Room above the fireplace.
      • Tidy the desk and conceal cords and personal items for photos and showings. 

            Master Bedroom

            • Consider moving one of the beds to the other bedroom and center the remaining bed along the wall where both beds are currently located with the bedside tables on either side.
            • Store the bedside lamps and clear off the bedside tables and dresser tops.
            • Clear off the walls other than the mirror above the dresser.
            • Store the dresser that's near the door to the closet.  The lamp that's on it can be used in another spot in the home for staging since it has a white base and light shade.
            • Store the makeup table.
            • In the closet, remove the bench, clear off the tops of the dressers, and keep the floor space clear.

              Upstairs Bath

              • Store the bench that's by the tub and the small table near the shower.
              • Could the cream runner from Clem's Office be used in this space? If not, a 32"x20" at the vanity and a 59"x20" along the tub, as shown below, would give a soft, bright appearance.
              • Consider replacing the sconces and ceiling fixtures for an updated look and brighter appearance.
              • Clear off the vanity, shelves above the vanity, and shower, tuck away the electrical cord for the toilet, and display white towels and rugs for photos and showings.

              Upstairs Bedroom

              • Remove the current bed and place the second bed from the Master Bedroom in its place.
              • Move the inversion table to the basement.
              • Store the skirted side table and the dark chair.
              • Move the bedside table and lamp to the far side of the bed.
              • Place the remaining arm chair where the dark chair was.
              • Clear off the tops of the side table and dresser except for the table lamp to be switched on for photos and showings.
              • Make the bed with a white coverlet or duvet cover and use white pillow cases in place of the dark and floral print ones for photos and showings.

                Laundry Room

                • Store the lamp and remove the linens and hangers that won't be used while the home is on the market.
                • Clear the floor.
                • Organize the shelf and caddy keep the tops of the folding table, washer, and dryer cleared off for photos and showings.

                  Attic Bedroom

                  • Remove the items from the stair walls other than the cherry blossom piece.
                  • Store the wall art, the laundry cart, and the table lamp.
                  • Add an ivory Lananas pillow (as recommended for the living room) on each bed along with the current pillows and on the window bench for a cozy look. (total of 3 added pillows)
                  • Tuck the fan into a closet.
                  • Move the mirror to hang above the far bed where the picture was.

                  Attic Bathroom

                  • Clear off the back of the toilet.
                  • Remove the stickers.
                  • Clear out the shower.
                  • Add a decorative item on the vanity or window sill, such as a faux white orchid.
                  • Display white towels along with the present white rug for photos and showings.

                    This list is for recommendation purposes only. Items may be purchased at the discretion of the homeowner. Sizing and specifications should be verified by purchaser.