74 Ferguson Drive Showing Prep List


74 Ferguson Drive, Carbondale

August, 2019


  • Spot clean windows/glass.
  • Empty all garbage bins and take out.
  • Switch on interior lights.
  • Pull shades and window treatments open.
  • Clear off surfaces and keep walkways/hallways clear.


  • Remove vehicles from the driveway so buyers can easily pull in and envision the home as their own.
  • Sweep the front steps and porch and the back patio.
  • Add the citrus tree to the front porch.
  • Place cushions/pillows on patio chairs.
  • Clear cobwebs/bugs near front and back entrance.
  • Place potted flowers to add color.


      • Clear the floor space.
      • Tidy the coat closet.

        Living Room

        • Clear off the coffee and side tables.
        • Switch on the lamps.
        • Add a cozy pillow or throw to the sofa.
        • Tuck away remotes.
        • If weather is cool, light the fireplace.

          Dining Room

          • Remove the additional table leaf and push in the chairs.
          • Clear off the dining table other than fresh flowers.


          • Wipe down the countertops and sink.
          • Clear the counters except for displayed items.
          • Clear the front and sides of the refrigerator.
          • Hang a fresh towel on the oven door.  
          • Tidy the sitting nook and chair.
          • Clear off the tops of the washer and dryer and tidy the laundry storage.

          Powder Bathroom

          • Place a fresh towel on the ring.
          • Close the toilet seat and tuck away the toilet tools.


          • Clear the steps into the house.
          • Remove vehicles to make the garage appear as large as possible.
          • Tidy the work bench and any items stored within the garage.

            Master Bedroom

            • Tidy the bed and prop up the pillows to make it look like a hotel suite.
            • Clear off the tops of the side tables and dresser.
            • Tidy the closet.

            Master Bath

            • Display fresh towels and the faux flowers.
            • Clear off the vanity and the tub deck.
            • Tuck away the scale and toilet tools and close the toilet seat.
            • Pull the shower curtain 2/3 of the way open for buyers to easily look inside. 

            Daughter's Bedroom

            • Tidy the closets so that buyers can have access to all of the storage spaces.
            • Make the bed in light colored bedding.
            • Clear the floor space.
            • Tidy the toys within baskets or put away.


              • Unplug and tuck away the treadmill cord so that it does not cross the carpet.
              • Clear off the side table below the TV except for one decorative item.


              • Display fresh towels.
              • Pull the shower curtain open 2/3 of the way
              • Tuck away any toilet tools and close the toilet seat.