941 County Rd 111 Staging Checklist


941 County Rd 111, Carbondale, CO

March 2020

Report Overview: The goal for staging 941 County Rd 111 is to make it an inviting home that will appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. This can be achieved by removing personal items, storing unused items, and staging each space for a cohesive appearance.  Where applicable, staging props are available for purchase through links in the checklist. 


  • Tidy the landscaping and keep walkways, the decks, and the driveway clear of snow and debris.
  • Trim back landscaping along the front walk to keep a wide, clear walking space.
  • Straighten the walkway lights and keep just one style of outdoor lights along the path.
  • Remove the white doorbell button that's next to the front door and re-install the original door bell button to the right of the front door.
  • On the back deck, arrange the patio furniture, put out cushions, and raise the umbrella, as weather allows, for photos and showings.
  • Above the back deck, reattach the soffit where it appears to sag at the south ridge line.
  • Keep the trash and recycle bins tucked in the garage for photos and showings.


    • Deep clean the interior of the home to sparkle.
    • Touch-up paint throughout the home where walls are scuffed and hanging items have been taken down.
    • Replace low wattage light bulbs (60W or below) with brightest bulbs recommended by manufacturer. Similar fixtures within each room should have matching bulbs. Unattractive corkscrew bulbs should be removed. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be dusted and cleaned.
    • Replace/add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if discolored and if not near all sleeping areas.
    • Windows including glass, screens, and sills should be spotless allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter the home. Unused screens can be stored to brighten rooms.
    • Stored items should be located in the lower level storage room rather than in bedroom closets.
    • Switch on all lamps and overhead lights and leave doors to all interior rooms open for photos and showings.

    Entry and Hall to Garage

    • Clear out the coat closet except for a basket on the shelf for needed accessories and a few jackets on matching hangers.  A couple of empty matching hangers can be left for an inviting look. 
    • On the glass display shelves, remove the small pottery and art pieces for a tidy appearance.


      • Remove the light colored desk and move the roll top desk closer to the north wall to make the space look larger.
      • Remove the table and four chairs and place the wing back chairs and ottoman in their place.
      • Clear off the top of the roll top desk.  Tidy the surface and push in the chair for photos and showings.
      • Clear off the top of the bookcase and pair down the decor on the open shelving.

      Living Room

      • Store the monogram pillow and throw.
      • Remove the decorative items from the two-sided fireplace mantel.
      • Clear off the coffee table and side tables for photos and showings.

      Sitting Room

      • Remove the small wicker side table and clear off the surfaces of the metal top side table and the coffee table.
      • Store the howling coyote and the colorful pillow that's on the wicker sofa.


      • Remove personal items and photos from the desk area.
      • Clear off the desk surface as much as possible by storing papers and personal items within the drawers.
      • Pair down the books above the desk so that only cookbooks are displayed.
      • Store the bar stool, the last name sign, personal photos, and the wine related decor.
      • Clear off the counters other than utensils, knives, paper towels, and the coffee maker and add a bowl of fresh fruit on the island counter for photos and showings.

      Dining Room

      • In the china closet, clear the floor space.  Neatly organize remaining items by type.
      • Clear off the top of the side table.
      • Add a bouquet of fresh flowers on the dining table for photos and showings.  Alstroemeria are a nice looking and long-lasting option for staging. 

        Powder Bathroom

        • Clear off the vanity other than a nice looking soap, close the toilet lid, and tuck away the trash bin for photos and showings.

        Mud Room

        • Clear off the bench and remove all items from the floor.
        • Pair down the contents of the shelves and hooks.
        • Tidy the cabinet contents.

        Laundry Room

        • Clear off the counter top other than the paper towels, hand soap, and the microwave.  Move the microwave to the far right side of the counter if it's needed, if not, it can be stored.
        • Clear off the tops of the washer and dryer.
        • Tidy the cabinet contents.
        • Move the steamer and cleaning supplies to within the cabinets and closet.


        • Clear off the top of the work bench and the ledge bordering the stairs to the lower level.
        • Clean the floor.
        • Clear off the steps and landing into the house.
        • Consider a door mat on the landing if the stain on the carpet cannot be removed.
        • Tidy the shelves at the landing. 

              Master Bedroom

              • Store the museum wall personal photo display that's along the hallway to depersonalize the space.
              • Store the baskets and black bin that are on the floor.
              • On the green dresser and shelves, pair down the books and store personal items.
              • Clear off the surfaces of the side table that's by the chairs and the bedside tables other than the lamps for photos and showings.
              • Close the doors to the armoire and pull all of the blinds open for photos and showings.
              • In the closets, remove items other than clothing, footwear and accessories.  Clear the floor space as much as possible.  Pair down the contents to only those items needed within the next three months.  Place items on matching hangers arranged by color for a clean look.
              • In the linen closet, clear the floor space and tidy the remaining contents, concealing personal items.

                Master Bath

                • Paint the walls white to match the other walls in the master suite.
                • Clear off the vanities other than hand soap.
                • Add a plant or fresh flowers on the makeup vanity for photos and showings.
                • Display light-colored towels, push in the vanity stool, store the scale, close the toilet lid, and store the toilet brush for photos and showings.

                Lower Level Sitting Room/Wine Room

                • Remove the arm chair to keep the walking space clear.
                • Remove the bird mounts.
                • Display just one or a small grouping of items on each of the display shelves.  Designer can help with arrangement at follow-up visit.

                  Lower Level North Bedroom

                  • Remove the wicker, round-top shelf, the oak shelving unit, the hat boxes, and the framed house art piece that are along the wall near the door into the room.
                  • Clear the floor space.
                  • Pair down the books on the shelves by fifty percent and store the hats.
                  • Clear off the ledge along the window wall.
                  • Clear out the closet.

                    Lower Level Bathroom

                    • Clear off the vanities other than soap/soap holders. 
                    • Fill the basket by the tub with fresh towels.
                    • Remove the plunger/toilet cleaner and close the toilet lid.
                    • Display fresh, light-colored towels on all of the towel bars for photos and showings.

                    Lower Level South-West Corner Bedroom

                    • Remove the treadmill and the child's chair.
                    • Clear off the tables other than the lamps.
                    • Remove the books that are stacked below the TV.
                    • Open the blinds for photos and showings.
                    • Remove all items from the closet.

                    Lower Level Twin Bedroom

                    • Remove the pink chair and the side table that's next to it.
                    • Clear off the ledge along the window wall.
                    • Store the personal photos.
                    • Open the blinds for photos and showings.
                    • Remove all items from the closet.

                    Small Storage Room

                    • Remove the animal head mounts or hang the one that's on the floor alongside the one on the wall if it doesn't crowd the space too much.
                    • Clear off the tops of the file cabinets.
                    • Arrange rods and tubes within a basket on the floor, placed in the corner for a neat display.
                    • Clear the floor space by arranging the stored items on the shelving.
                    • Clear off the desk surface and push in the chair for photos and showings.

                    Storage Room/Workshop

                    • Arrange stored items by type and on the storage shelves as much as possible.
                    • Clear off the work benches and arrange the tools on the peg board, within the tool chest, and on the shelves.
                    • Keep clear pathways through the space and to the mechanical room for easy viewing.

                      This list is for recommendation purposes only. Items may be purchased at the discretion of the homeowner. Sizing and specifications should be verified by purchaser.