How Can Online Staging Help Me?

Stage My Listings founder, Alicia Herring, understands that spending time, money, and your reputation on a listing that's not prepared for market can be frustrating.  In fact, the company was born out of one Colorado Realtor's frustration expressed to Alicia: "Help! My listings look like crap!"  When Michelle, a Realtor-friend, approached Alicia for a solution, she was fed up with unprepared listings.  Although she offered her advice to sellers, they rarely followed through to spiff up before she marketed their home and they didn't have the money to hire a professional stager for help.  Unprepared listings made for poor photos and slow sales, eating up her valuable time and marketing dollars.  She had had enough! 

Out of Michelle's frustration, the Realtor-provided staging concept was born.  Why not include staging guidance as a part of her listing service for sellers?  Using Alicia's reports to give sellers clear market preparation guidance quickly turned the situation around.  Michelle now had an edge in a competitive market.  Giving easy to follow, room-by-room checklists to make the best use of the sellers furnishings and specify cost-effective improvements, Michelle has become known for her consistently great looking listings.  Homeowners seek her out as the premier local agent who provides staging that works.  In addition to experiencing fast, top-dollar sales she is ranked the #1 Selling Realtor within her Colorado Association of Realtors.

With the experience of helping Michelle and numerous other Realtors frustrated by unprepared listings, Alicia created Stage My Listings to team with Realtors in any location, providing a service that helps them simplify staging for sellers, gain listings that shine, and grow their business. 

SML is an Online Staging Specialist accessible through FaceTime.  Simply tour us through the property you will be listing, pointing out important details and concerns.  Within 2 business days, a complete custom Staging Report with easy-to-follow advice for your seller to de-clutter, utilize existing furnishings and decor, add curb appeal, and complete cost-effective improvements - shopping list included - is delivered to your inbox.  Once the property has been readied, a FaceTime review call along with an emailed Showing Prep List containing room-by-room vitals for your seller insures your listing has a staged appearance for photos and each showing. 

Sellers will be relieved and motivated to spruce up knowing exactly how to prepare their home for market.  With Stage My Listings' advice you'll no longer be frustrated with unprepared listings.  Instead, your listings will consistently be the property everyone wants!

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Attract Attention

Home shoppers are drowning in a sea of listings.  Staging prepares the house to look sharp against the competition and can physically draw buyers through the door.

Less Pressure

A professional stager provides an objective third-party opinion making it easier to balance your relationship with the seller.

A stager takes the pressure off of you by objectively addressing vital preparations in an easy-to-follow Staging Report. Sellers are more likely to trust, not be offended by, and follow-through with a professional home stager's recommendations.

Appreciative Sellers

Without professional guidance, the typical seller doesn't employ staging techniques. Hiring a pro can be intimidating and costly and because of this many sellers forgo this essential home selling step.

A seller who receives staging advice complementary when they list with you, will appreciate the value you've added. They're more likely to invest their time to ready their home for sale and they're more likely to speak highly of you and refer you to others.

Business Growth

Satisfied homeowners more frequently refer the agent who has staged listings. Staging tells buyers, sellers, and other real estate professionals that you market your listings well.

Data has repeatedly shown that staged properties sell faster and for a greater price than those that are not staged; creating ongoing growth for your real estate business.