How To Stage a Living Room & the #1 Mistake Sellers Make!

Perfectly stage any living room (or family room) and avoid this common mistake!

We know that buyers focus a lot of attention on the kitchen when home shopping.  But, it's important to create an inviting, comfortable living room environment too, especially since the living room is usually right next to the kitchen.  To move buyers from the kitchen to the living room with ease it's important to simplify.  Nearly every home could use a little less "stuff" in the living room or family room when it's time to prepare for market.  In fact, the number one living room staging mistake sellers make is having too much furniture in the room so here's how you can stage a living or family room in three steps and avoid overcrowding!

Pair down

  • Depersonalize by removing family photos, mementos, and personal items.
  • Remove extra, dated, dark, or damaged furnishings. 
  • Remove bulky sofas and unattractive recliner chairs.
  • Tuck away coasters, TV remotes, magazines, books, and newspapers.
  • Pair down the contents of any shelving.
  • Conceal DVDs, CDs, books, and other media.
  • **Remember that less is more!  Unless your living room is huge, it's better to have one sofa with a coordinating side chair than a complete living room suite with a sofa, love seat, side chair, and matching ottoman when staging.

Pick a focal point

  • A living room with a fireplace has an obvious focal point that's likely already used as such and commonly accentuated when staging.
  • The view from the living room windows can be a focal point.
  • Where there is not an obvious focal point, one can be created by adding simple art on the wall behind the sofa.
  • Once the focal point is determined, arrange the furniture to complement it.
  • **A TV should only be used as the focal point when the room that's being staged is a theater or entertainment space where TV viewing is the primary activity.

Lighten & Brighten

  • Swap dark curtains for white sheers.
  • Remove dark throws, area rugs, and throw pillows.
  • Add table and floor lamps to brighten the room.
  • Lighten dark-colored chairs or sofas by adding white or cream throw pillows.
  • Add a light-colored area rug under the furnishings to lighten and unite the space.
  • **Add a white floral or candle, tray, and tasteful magazines such as Pottery Barn on the coffee table for a pretty appearance.
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A living room that's ready for listing photos may look bare to you.  However, it is important to remember that the way your home looks when staged is much different than the way you're used to it appearing.  Ultimately, the less of your stuff a buyer sees, the more they can envision their belongings in your home, which is exactly what you want!  

In this video I walk you through Living Room Staging step by step as well as show you some of my favorite Staging props.

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