Welcome Realtors!

Hello!  I'm Alicia Herring and I'm a Home Staging Consultant who helps Realtors help their sellers.

I partner with Realtors to give their sellers DIY staging guidance in a neat and complete Staging Checklist. This checklist gives sellers room-by-room (and curb appeal) staging guidance that utilizes the furniture and decor they already own and cost-effective upgrades for a home that's prepared to look sharp against the competition.  You don't have to wait to get the staging advice you need - I consult through video call on your smartphone.


Listing a cluttered, dated, or unprepared home can be a waste of your time and advertising dollars.  It can be stressful and frustrating for you and your seller.  A house that doesn't show well is something no homeowner or Realtor wants to experience, yet it happens time and again.

With Stage My Listings, my goal is to help Realtors by helping their sellers.  "Staging" isn't new, but the way I team with Realtors to help their sellers with staging is.

I use a Realtor-provided staging method born out of one Colorado Realtor's frustration. "Alicia, please help me help my sellers.  My listings look terrible!"  When Michelle, a Realtor-friend, approached me for a solution, she was fed up with unprepared listings.  Her sellers didn't want to pay for staging help (and didn't think they needed it) and they rarely followed through with the fix-up and clean-up advice she gave them.  Unprepared listings made for poor photos and slow sales, eating up time, dollars, and her patience.  She had had enough! 

Out of Michelle's frustration, the Realtor-provided staging method was born.  Why not give her sellers staging guidance from an outside professional (me!) before she brought in the photographer and listed their home?  Giving the homeowner a Staging Checklist to prepare their home for market turned the situation around. 

Providing professional staging to her sellers gave Michelle an edge in a competitive market.  Homeowners appreciate a "designer's eye" to help them know exactly how to prepare their home.  Michelle is now known for her consistently great-looking listings.  Homeowners seek her out as the premier local agent who provides staging that works.  In addition to experiencing fast, top-dollar sales she is ranked the #1 Selling Realtor within her Colorado Association of Realtors.

After helping Michelle, other Colorado Realtors, and many grateful homeowners, I created Stage My Listings so that Realtors in any location have a professional Stager at their fingertips!

4 ways a Staging Checklist for your sellers will benefit you:

1. Attract Attention  Home shoppers are drowning in a sea of listings.  Today more than ever, it is easy to view thousands of homes for sale from a computer or mobile device.
Staging prepares the house to look sharp against the competition and can physically draw buyers through the door.
2. Less Pressure  A professional stager provides an objective third-party opinion making it easier to balance the Realtor-seller relationship.
Sellers are more likely to trust, not be offended by, and follow-through with a professional home stager's recommendations.
3. Appreciative Sellers  The typical seller isn't aware of the fundamentals of staging, so they appreciate staging how-to provided by their Realtor.
They're more likely to invest their time to ready their home with clear staging instruction and they often refer their Realtor based on the added value of staging.
4. Business Growth  The agent who uses staging gains a reputation for well-marketed listings.  Satisfied sellers often refer their Realtor to others.
Data shows that staged homes sell faster and for a greater price than those that are not staged; creating more business growth.



You may be wondering...  Do Homeowners really follow the Staging Checklist I give?

Yes! the majority of sellers who receive my staging guidance follow-through with nearly 100% of the recommendations!  And... they thank me... profusely!  Homeowners are relieved to have a professional, outside eye who can give them a detailed list that tells them exactly what they can do to ready their home for sale.

You may also be wondering, who am I? 

I'm an interior designer who keeps things practical.  I love residential real estate, pretty homes, white lilies, and dark chocolate!   I've designed homes for millionaires and I know what high-end looks like, but my heart is in helping homeowners like myself, who don't have millions to spend!

I'm a wife and mom of twins and I love making spaces beautiful AND more valuable with simple design. 

When I saw a need for a better way to help homeowners present their homes when they wanted to sell, I drew upon my experience as an Aspen residential interior designer, an education in construction and design, and my thrifty nature... and Realtor-provided Staging was born. 

Staging so that your listings SHINE and sell fast... and your business grows!


The next step?  Get a Staging Checklist for your listing. 

Since I offer 1-on-1 Staging by video call, together we can give your sellers Staging guidance no matter your location.  But, before we start, I'd like to chat and see if Realtor-provided Staging will be a fit for your sellers and your business.

Ready to take the first step toward prepared, great-looking listings that will benefit your business forever?  Schedule your free 15 minute Discovery Call!  I can't wait to hear more about your business!  Let's talk!

"Giving my sellers a Staging Punch List to follow before I list their home yields a higher market price and quicker sale."  - Michelle, Realtor

"Alicia is great and will work with your budget to get the home sold."  - Gabriella, Realtor


⭐ Professional home staging is recognized by real estate experts all over the world as one of the most important steps in the home selling process.

⭐ HGTV says the #1 mistake home buyers can make is NOT staging their home before putting it on the market.

⭐ The International Association of Home Staging Professionals says 95% of staged homes sell in an average of 11 days or less and sell for 17% more.

⭐ According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 32 percent of buyers’ agents believe staging increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer by 1 to 5 percent!

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