10 Ways to Make Buyers Feel Welcome In Your Home

Use these 10 simple Staging tips to make your home its most welcoming to Buyers.

Buyers are guided by their emotions, so it is important to make them feel welcomed in your home.  When staging, it's often the small details that convey an inviting and pleasing environment.  Here I've outlined my favorite staging details that will make buyers feel welcomed when visiting your home for a showing.

  1. Play soothing music such as soft classical or instrumental tunes.
  2. Add a comforting scent such as apple pie or fresh baked bread.
  3. Place a dish of chocolates or candies near the home information flyers for buyers to enjoy.
  4. Leave shower curtains pulled open 1/3 of the way so buyers can easily look inside to view plumbing.
  5. Leave  interior doors (other than closet doors and the door between the house and garage) open so that buyers can move freely from one space to the next without feeling like they're prying. 
  6. Paint your front door a welcoming color.
  7. Display an American flag on the front of your home.
  8. Leave ample space in the driveway or along the street for buyers to park.
  9. Display a fresh doormat and welcoming seasonal wreath.
  10. Leave a couple of empty hangers or pegs in the front coat closet or coat rack.
  11. BONUS TIP!  Add ample light in every space by switching on all lights and lamps and opening all drapes, blinds, and window coverings.

In this Live video I go into a little more detail on each of the ways to make your home welcoming:


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