A Basic Schedule to Sell Your Home With Staging

When it comes to preparing and marketing your home, a schedule of events keeps the process simple. Here's the plan:

From deciding that you want to sell your home to signing documents on the day of the closing, there are many steps in between.  So, how and when does staging fit in?

Homeowners we've worked with have found success using this sequence:

1. Commit to selling.  When you're committed, the sale process is simplified.  Sellers who have reservations about selling can hinder the speed of their home sale.  Before proceeding, "burn your ships," and fully commit to putting in the effort and energy necessary to selling your home and moving on to the next phase of your life.

2.  Meet with a Home Stager.  Once you've committed to selling, it's time to arrange for a home stager to provide you with an objective opinion of your property.  The stager will walk with you through your home, advising you on updates, what you can do to rearrange and de-clutter, and the most important items to make your home market-ready.  This step should be taken early so as to allow enough time to execute the stager's recommendations before the home goes on the market. 

3.  Apply elbow grease.  Go to work packing, cleaning, and completing recommended updates.  Hire professionals or gather friends and family to help if needed.  The extra effort put toward making your home shine will pay off.

4.  Bring in the photographer.  With your home looking great, now is the time for photography.  Whether you're listing with a Realtor who provides photography or selling your home by owner, the stage will be set, making photos quick and effective.  Since 88 percent of home buyers begin the house-hunting process online, great listing photos are imperative.

5.  Put the property on the market.  Now, you can confidently list your home for sale, knowing you've prepared to attract a buyer quickly.  Your home will stand out against the competition and has the statistical probability of selling in half the time it would take if you had not implemented staging.

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