3 Steps to Stage any Bathroom

Here are 3 simple steps to get any bathroom ready for buyer's eyes.  The overarching goal to keep in mind when staging a bathroom is to emulate a spa setting.  Spas are a place of relaxation, simplicity, and cleanliness.  Staging your bathroom like a spa is easy to do because it involves a 'less is more' approach.  You won't be spending a lot on fluff and frill, you'll be streamlining what you've already got.

First, clean and organize.  Address cabinets and storage closets by getting rid of items you don't plan to use within the next 3 months.  Neatly organize the remaining contents by folding and stacking towels, placing small items and cleaning supplies in baskets, and keeping minimal necessities in drawers. As for visible contents, you will want to remove all but one piece of art or decor from the walls, clear the vanity of everything but nice looking hand soap, and clear the floor of dark, stained, or worn rugs.  In the tub and shower, keep just a couple of neatly placed product bottles.  Clear the back of the toilet and remove toilet lid covers.  Tuck toilet cleaners, plungers, and bathroom scales, commonly stored near the toilet, away and out of sight to prospective buyers.  Now that you've simplified, it's time to deep clean and polish.  When you've finished cleaning, replace low wattage light bulbs with the brightest bulbs recommended by the manufacturer.  Bulbs within each fixture should match.  Corkscrew-shaped bulbs, while efficient, should not be used while your home is on the market due to their unpopular appearance.

The next step in staging is the completion of repairs and upgrades.  I placed this step in second position because I think it's important to clean and organize what you've already got before making an assessment of what you're going to change.  I encourage homeowners to complete necessary repairs and only the most cost-effective upgrades.  If your bathroom is dated and your Realtor agrees that a full renovation is necessary, I suggest you get professional design help before starting.  Get local help or get in touch with me for customized guidance.  For design ideas, look at Pinterest or watch HGTV home renovation shows.  With any renovation, budget first.  You don't have to spend thousands.  Look for easy ways to lighten and brighten your bath that won't break the bank.  Paint is your #1 tool.  It's easy and quick.  Choose a light coordinating color and spend an afternoon transforming with paint.  For major renovations, keep in mind that bathrooms are a good place to spend upgrade money, but your Realtor can tell you whether your costs are likely to be recouped.

The final step in your bathroom, is to set the stage.  With your bathroom clean, updated, and organized, bring in your own props that will enhance the bath.  White towels are a space transforming go-to.  I recommend fresh, new, white or light-colored towels.  Walmart has inexpensive, fluffy ones that do the trick.  But wait, don't use these towels for bathing!  Hang them on hooks and towel bars, and place them rolled on tub decks or shower benches just for photos and showings.  Nice looking soap, either a bar in a soap dish or pump soap in a simple dispenser look nice on the vanity.  For double sinks, place soap at each sink. Consider the smell of your bathroom.  A diffuser or tasteful basket of potpourri can be helpful.  Do not overdo with scent.   Flowers add a finishing touch.  Place flowers on the vanity, in front of the vanity mirror, so that you gain extra impact from their reflection.  A couple of fresh stems in a clear vase or a faux potted orchid are my personal go-to.

For a complete list of recommendations specific to the property you're selling, get started today with a custom Staging Report.



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