Staging Props for Realtors

I was live on Facebook this morning talking about the 4 Staging Props You Should Own if you're a Realtor. These props are inexpensive and easy to place in any of your vacant or occupied listings to make them Pinterest-pretty.   

Here's what I recommend for your personal staging arsenal: 
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1. Fresh Front Door Mat:  Buyers typically stand at the entrance of your listing waiting for their Realtor to use a lock box to open up the front door.  While waiting, they are looking around and analyzing everything!  A fresh, neutral door mat (no monograms or bright colors) gives an excellent first impression.
2. Light-colored Throw Pillows: Plush pillows will lighten up a dark sofa or chair.  I've even used them along a fireplace hearth to cozy up a living room.  Buyers love light, bright, and open spaces and pillows like these will bring that look to your listing.

3. White Towels: Hands down there's no better investment to sell a home than white towels!  Okay, before you think I'm crazy, here's why: everyone loves a spa, or even the thought of going to the spa.  So, the more we make bathrooms look like a spa with white towels and light finishes, the more buyers interpret these spaces as spa-like. Add white towels on all bars and hooks and place rolled towels on shower benches or tub decks to give your listing the look of a tranquil spa.

4. Faux Flowers: Roses, orchids, lavender or even faux greenery brings the outdoors in, which is a look buyers love.  Use a single faux arrangement on bathroom vanities along with white towels to make the bathrooms in your listing pretty and fresh.  Place an arrangement in front of a mirror for twice the impact!

Once you've got your own staging props, you can easily place them throughout the home prior to listing photos.  For homes that will be occupied while on the the market, I keep my white towels and light-colored throw pillows in a laundry basket and swap them with the everyday towels and pillows right before each showing. That way, they stay fresh and can be used again and again. 
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