5 Easy Christmas Storage Ideas

While it may not be your favorite part of the season, packing up Christmas decorations can be easy with the right storage. 

Here are five simple holiday storage ideas (shopping links included) so you can un-decorate with ease and enjoy the new year!

1.  Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

Keep your artificial tree looking its best year after year with a Christmas tree storage bag.  These bags will keep your tree clean and dry in the off season.  If you've got the space, a vertical tree storage bag will preserve your tree's shape and lead to less fluffing next year.



    2.  Christmas Garland & Wreath Storage

    Wreath storage bags protect a single wreath and come in various sizes.  For garland, plastic storage boxes with snapping lids are ideal for stacking to save space and to avoid crushing branches.

    3.  Christmas Ornament Storage

    Because ornaments can be delicate and often easy to break, Christmas ornament storage boxes are designed with small cushioned compartments for individual ornaments and a sturdy outer casing.  By separating ornaments into compartments you'll have less untangling to do next year.

    4.  Christmas Light Storage

    Similar to a spool of thread, Christmas light storage reels are a must have.  These containers with reels keep lights clean and organized and can also be used to store thinner strands of garland as well as strings of beads.

    5.  Wrapping Paper & Bow Storage

    A wrapping organizer is a great way to keep paper, ribbon, and gift tags all in one place.  A suitcase-style case can be easily transported and stored in a closet or spare room while a clear plastic container can store under the bed if you're short on storage space. Another clever storage idea holds wrapping supplies together and can be hung in a closet. If you've got the space and you're into gift wrapping year round, a gift wrap cart or station may be a nice addition to your home to keep your craft organized.



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