5 Tips to Make Your Home Look High-End


Would you like your home to look more high-end?  Follow these 5 designer tips to bring a luxurious appearance to any home.

#1 - Enhanced cabinetry and mill work 

Pay close attention to these three items:

  1. Crown molding: A space that lacks crown molding tends to look average. Especially rooms that are boxy or don’t have much architectural detail. For a small cost crown molding provides richness. When choosing molding, keep in mind the proportions of the room; the larger the room, the larger the molding should be. 
  2. Baseboard: Most homes sport conventional baseboard that's under 3" high and either painted or stained.  An easy way to get a high end look whether you're building a new home or renovating your current home is to install 4" or taller baseboard.  **You can fake this tip by installing a trim piece an inch above standard baseboard and painting to the top of the trim piece all one color.
  3. Kitchen cabinets: Nothing says high end kitchen like tall upper cabinets.  If you're outfitting a new home, splurging on taller upper cabinets will give you a high end look regardless of the style of your home.  If you've got standard height uppers, consider replacing them or having a carpenter box-in cubbies or install additional uppers.  **Don't want to spend a lot?  Consider adding crown molding to your existing standard height cabinets.  This will give a luxurious look for less. Elisha at Pneumatic Addict implemented this tip beautifully!

#2 - Throw pillows 

Throw pillows can enhance most any space by adding texture and sophistication.  Since one pair on a sofa can look skimpy, try using two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures. Avoid using small, 12-18 inch pillows. Opt instead for larger 22-24 inch styles since bigger pillows will have a bigger impact.  Euro (large, square) pillows fill in and add sophistication when placed on a bed.  Faux fur pillows add a touch of luxury and are on-trend for beds, sofas, banquettes, and benches.  Don't be afraid to try new styles and patterns and display your favorites seasonally; fur in the colder months and bright florals when the weather is warmest.  I love these neutral pillow options currently available from Amazon:


#3 - Upgraded kitchen and bathroom hardware

Most tract homes come with standard, generic hardware. Builders use these bulk items because they are more cost effective, but not always the best for a homeowner that wants a more custom look. Hardware is easily replaced and can be updated as trends change.  Maybe the brushed chrome knobs in your kitchen are looking boring.  Switch them out for on-trend gold or find unique options at a hardware store, specialty shop, or flea market.

#4 - Upgraded lighting

Commonly overlooked by homeowners, lighting is another one of those builder’s standard accessories that typically lack character and style. Swap out nondescript chandeliers, pendant lights, bathroom lights, and ceiling fans with a more unique designer look. Try scouting second hand stores, flea markets or Craigs List.  This dining room lacked definition without a chandelier:

Photo from the Try Everything Blog

#5  - Grand window treatments 

Whether your windows are large or small, they can lend to an overall high end appearance when dressed appropriately.  Extending curtain rods 12-18 inches beyond the sides of the window frame, mounting them within 6 inches of the ceiling, and hanging curtains that extend to the floor is a designer trick with huge impact.  Roman shades, valances, and cornice boxes can all be extended to the ceiling.  A home with windows treated in this way will appear to have taller ceilings and an overall stately appearance.


For assistance choosing the right items when implementing these designer tips, contact us for recommendations custom to your home. 

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