5 Ways Staging Can Benefit Realtors

There's plenty of discussion about the benefits of Home Staging for sellers, so let's look at the other side of the coin and spotlight just how Staging can improve your image and grow your business.

  1. Graphic appeal: Listings that are staged look better.  Since a buyer's first impression of your listing commonly occurs by viewing a photo, whether in print or on the Internet, the images you use to advertise have got to look great. Staging prepares the house for the photos that will be a buyer's first impression of the property. Working with a professional stager will insure that your listings have the graphic appeal to look sharp against the competition and physically bring buyers through the door.
  2. Better listings: From the curb appeal to the inviting interior, staged properties show better. Other agents are pleased to show a staged listing, bringing more potential buyers for the property. By consistently using home staging you gain a reputation for superior listings.
  3. Appreciative sellers: Without professional guidance, the typical seller is clueless when it comes to staging. It can be intimidating and costly and because of this, many sellers, left to their own devices will convince themselves that they don't need staging. However, a seller who receives staging advice complementary when they list with you, will appreciate the value you've added. They're more likely to invest their time to ready their property for sale and they're more likely to speak highly of you and refer you to others.
  4. Less pressure: A professional stager provides an objective third-party opinion making it easier to balance your relationship with the seller. Even though the seller has hired you because of your real estate expertise, they can be easily offended when you offer your personal opinion of their home's aesthetics. A stager takes this pressure off of you by objectively addressing the aesthetics of your listing. Sellers are more likely to trust, not be offended by, and follow-through with a professional home stager's recommendations.
  5. Business growth: Satisfied buyers and sellers more frequently refer the agent who has staged listings. Staging tells buyers, sellers, and other real estate professionals that you market your listings well. Data has repeatedly shown that staged properties sell faster and for a greater price than those that are not staged; creating momentous growth for your real estate business.

Whether or not you're currently using staging, I hope that this list has been informative. Get Started today with a custom Staging Report for your next listing.


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