Creating the Master Bath Buyers Want

Of all of the bathrooms in a house, the master bathroom tops a home buyer's list as the most important.

Buyers want a master bath that feels like a private retreat.  That's exactly what the homeowner achieved with his DIY bath makeover pictured above.  His house was under contract just days after going on the market and the stunning master bath renovation deserves a lot of the credit.  Dated golden oak cabinetry, linoleum flooring, and a standard tub were replaced with a large, sleek vanity featuring plenty of storage and a seamless glass enclosed shower that screams spa! 

Whether you're looking to sell your house immediately or not, if a master bath renovation is in your future, consider these features that will give buyers what they really want.

Storage space

Home buyers always want storage space throughout a home, and the master bath is no exception.  Provide enough fixed storage by way of quality cabinetry or closet space to house toiletries, towels, and beyond.  This will maintain a serene appearance by having the ability to keep personal items and toiletries tucked away.  If you're putting your home on the market, take the time to organize the inside of cabinets and closets to avoid the appearance of clutter.

Brighten up

Choosing the right lighting is crucial for a spa-like appearance.  Ample amounts of light by way of natural, ambient, and task lighting all work together to create a tranquil atmosphere.  Dimmer switches can be installed to create mood lighting and adding mirrors will brighten any space.  Consider mirrors that extend from the top of the vanity to the ceiling for maximum appeal as in the bathroom above.

Updated Fixtures

Home buyers want beauty and function when it comes to bathroom fixtures.  Bring beauty with classic brushed nickel or on-trend antique brass.  Technology now offers hands-free functionality which many home buyers desire.  Whenever possible, opt for a common finish for plumbing and light fixtures as well as door and cabinet hardware for a uniform, spa-like look.

Showers and bathtubs

Since a shower typically is used more often than a bathtub, adding features like multiple shower heads, built-in seats, frameless enclosures, and even steam will give buyers what they're looking for.  Bathtubs are still desirable but built-in tubs are less sought after than freestanding soaker tubs.


Overall, home buyers want to feel relaxed in a bathroom.  A spa-like atmosphere is what they're after.  This can be achieved with clean, natural decor and a light, neutral color palette.  Bring in a plant (real or faux) to make the environment warm and serene.  Display plush, white bath towels for a retreat that resembles a luxurious spa.

If you're preparing to sell and are in need of tips specific to your house and master bath makeover, give us a call at 970-404-1972 today.


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