Enhance Your Home with a Stone Walkway

If you're looking to enhance your home's exterior, here is a landscaping upgrade that will add to your curb appeal.


Stone Walkways

When you want to create an elegant walkway, stone is a material that adds sophistication to your Cape Cod, cottage, Colonial, or Craftsman home.  Using real stone for a walkway gives you added detail of quality and can be used to connect your hardscape with your architecture, as in the image above.

Stone can sit on top of concrete or be dry-laid on a compacted gravel base. Generally straight stone walkways with clean lines work best with formal homes, while curving walkways with irregular stones are a good fit for casual homes. There are a variety of stones and pavers you can use for your walkway: Bluestone, granite, limestone and slate are all popular choices.

On average the cost for a stone walkway can range from $30 to $75 a square foot, depending on the stone used, the location of the site, prep work, or custom cutting of the stone.

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