How-To Make a Front Door Look High-End

Your front door is the gateway to your home for guests and buyers.  Whether you’re selling or staying put here are my favorite ways to make your front door look inviting and high-end.

Curb appeal, or the way your home looks from the street, is important because it's the first impression of your home when a buyer drives up.  If buyers aren't impressed, they may not even bother going inside because the curb appeal sets the tone for what's inside. 

Once your curb appeal is looking good, the next area to address is the front door.  When staging your home for sale the more high-end you can make it look the greater perceived value buyers will attach to it. To get a high-end look, try these easy ideas!

Remove clutter and clean

Clear the space around the door, removing personal items, last name signs, monogrammed items, and yard tools.  Clean light fixtures, siding, the front door and its hardware, as well as the area where guests and buyers will be standing prior to entering your home.



If the house numbers or lighting near the front door are dingy or dated, consider swapping them for new models.  House numbers that are hard to read or too small can easily be replaced and new light fixtures can transform the way a front entrance looks.  Keep updates in line with the overall style of your home for best results.

Consider the Door

A worn or faded front door can be an eye-sore.  Re-staining, painting, or even swapping out the door itself, can be transformative.  How about the hardware?  Is it current and in good condition?  If not, adding new hardware is an inexpensive update.

Add the right Decor

A fresh, neutral door mat that's as large as will fit is my favorite high-end looking decor piece for the front door.  A wide door mat makes a door look larger and more grand, or high-end.  Planter pots filled with seasonal decor or plantings can be placed near or on either side of the front door for a sophisticated look.  A seasonal wreath hung on the door or on an adjacent wall is inviting.  If your home is on the market, an American flag hung on a house-mount post will give a patriotic nod as well as a welcoming touch that any buyer will appreciate.

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