Balancing a Rectangular Room


How can you make a rectangular living room attractive to buyers?  Placement of furnishings within a rectangular room can be challenging.  Focal points, walkways, windows, and doors can add functionality challenges, such as in the room pictured above.  The best furniture placement when arranging a rectangular shaped room is straight, with the furniture parallel or perpendicular to the walls.  Keeping traffic flow in mind will allow buyers to easily walk through the room.

Staging challenge: In addition to the lack of a clear focal point in the before photo, the room is challenging because of the doors located at either end.  Additionally, both the fireplace and the double windows are focal points.

Staging solution: To balance both focal points and allow buyers to walk through the room, the TV is moved to the back wall.  Tall drapes in a neutral tone that blends with the walls soften the windows.  Relocating the sectional and adding decor with pops of color and pattern adds interest to the previously bland room.


Whether your room is rectangular, square, or L-shaped, it doesn't have to be a challenge!  Get professional guidance today- Get Started

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