Banish These Bulbs When Staging Your Home

Americans have been swapping old incandescent bulbs for the more efficient CFL for the past 20 years.  And although those quirky compact fluorescent spiral bulbs used less energy, saved money, and lasted longer, no one ever said they were beautiful.  No one.  Ever!  Not to mention, they needed time to light up fully, the light they emitted often felt harsh, and the glass tubes contained toxic mercury.

It is with great anticipation that we are now embracing the LED.  Lacking the fragility and quality problems of CFLs, a recent study by the Department of Energy noted that LEDs also trump CFLs with their environmental benefits.  These light-emitting diodes are gaining in popularity and their price has dropped.

While those in the industry believe that CFLs won't disappear overnight and will continue to be utilized as a "low-cost socket filler", when staging they should be avoided.  Every staging report I've written contains a recommendation to eliminate spiral CFLs in indoor or outdoor fixtures where the bulb is visible for the duration of the listing and definitely for listing photography.  While a light bulb isn't going to make or break the sale of a home, the general public views these bulbs as awkward, even silly, and soon antiquated.  Instead of drawing prospective buyer's eyes toward goofy-looking spiral bulbs, keep lighting streamlined and current with LEDs.



Stay on the lookout for these spiral eyesores and replace them with daylight LEDs for best results when staging.  Here is a link to a best-selling pack of 6 from Amazon.


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