Brand Names Sell

Psychology tells us that brand names sell often for more money and faster than items without a brand name label.  We see this in every industry from automobiles to home goods.  That's why I recommend sellers utilize well known, 'status' brands when staging.

Before you panic, thinking 'this is going to be expensive!,' let's take a look at my two favorite ways to add brand names in any home for no more than $5.

1. Williams Sonoma dish towels: Simply speak the name "Williams Sonoma" and women get excited.  With their brand presence throughout America, we know Williams Sonoma for culinary done right.  For over 60 years, Williams Sonoma has provided Americans with French kitchenware that's tasteful and sophisticated.  That's why when a prospective buyer sees a Williams Sonoma dish towel on the counter top, their immediate perception is quality and a kitchen lifestyle they desire.  I like to hang a towel from the oven door handle or neatly place one near the sink.  You will be amazed by the effectiveness of this simple visual cue!  Here's a link to a set of 4 Williams Sonoma logo towels in Drizzle Grey that I use for staging that will coordinate with most kitchen colors.

2.  Sophisticated magazines: I started my career as an interior designer in Aspen, Colorado.  It seems that everyone wants a piece of the Aspen lifestyle and even in the communities that are an hour from Aspen, it's common for homeowners to display a copy of Aspen Magazine on the coffee table as a sort of status symbol.  This got me thinking one day and I began to place a recent copy of Aspen Magazine or even Conde Nast Traveler Magazine on the coffee table, office desk, or bedside table when staging a home.  Homebuyers are buying an experience, not just a home.  When they see a magazine that represents a lifestyle they want on the coffee table of the home you're selling, they will unconsciously relate their lifestyle desires to the home.  While it's not necessary to display Aspen Magazine, there are many good choices that are universally recognized including; Conde Nast, Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Town & Country.  Consider the demographic of the prospective home buyer when setting a magazine as a visual cue.  Are they travelers?  Golf enthusiasts?  Wine or food lovers?   Select a magazine that will elicit thoughts of 'the good life' but be careful to steer clear of political, finance, and celebrity gossip publications.

These simple staging props are affordable and foolproof and will make a selling difference for your listing photos, open houses, and showings.


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