Buyers Pay More for These 10 Features!

A home remodel is an investment so whether you're selling or staying put, it's nice to know which projects will payoff in the long term!  Here are 10 in-demand features that experts say will make your home sell for more (and faster!) if you include them in your next remodel.

  1. Fresh Carpet: Carpet ages quickly in a busy home.  Stained, dated, or worn carpet is one of the least attractive things a home can sport.  While many buyers prefer wood floors throughout, bedroom and living room carpeting is OK as long as it is in good shape.  Fresh carpet looks and smells like a new home and will definitely add to the appeal. 
  2. White Painted Cabinets: With the majority of home buyers being Millennials who prefer a white kitchen to all other colors, you may want to choose white when updating cabinets.  The white trend is still hot and we are now seeing more light woods and grays added to the mix.  These are great options for those of you who aren't into a bright, white kitchen.
  3. A Kitchen Island: Gone are the days of peninsulas and breakfast bars, buyers today want a big island that opens into a larger room.  The center island has become the focal point of the kitchen as well as the hub for most family dining.  While a farmhouse sink within the island will serve to spread the working areas of the kitchen, a cook top should be located elsewhere.  And, don't be afraid of a huge island with nothing other than open counter space and seating for the masses.  
  4. A Double Oven: Not only does a double oven make a kitchen look high-end, it's also very functional.  For buyers who entertain (even if it's just having family over for Thanksgiving dinner) twice the oven-space is always an attractive feature.
  5. Walk-In Pantry: With warehouse bulk shopping from Costco or Amazon, homeowners today have a lot of extras on-hand.  Give buyers ample space to store all of those extra paper towels and canned goods with a neatly organized, walk-in pantry that's adjacent to the kitchen.
  6. Main-Level Guest Bedroom: Because the majority of home buyers today have aging parents who may visit or even live with them in the future, a main-level guest bedroom is a coveted feature.  If you're remodeling, could a main-level formal dining room or enclosed office space be converted to a guest bedroom with the addition of a closet and doors?  If you're selling, consider staging a main-level room currently used as an office or kids room as a guest bedroom to clearly paint the picture for buyers that your home offers a main-level guest bedroom option. 
  7. Drop Zone: An active lifestyle with kids, work, pets, and sports has us all coming and going a lot.  It's no wonder that an organized zone in the form of a mudroom is very appealing to buyers.  Provide hooks, cubbies, benches, and cabinetry that will play host to buyers' many activities.  Not sure where to start?  Pinterest is chock full of ideas and inspiration.
  8. Office Nook: Gone are the days of built-in desks in the kitchen.  Instead, buyers want a desk space that's near, but not within, common areas.  A desk tucked in off the kitchen, at the top of or even below the stairs gives buyers an office nook to work from home.   
  9. Modern Master Bath: While an en suite master bath (a master bath that's attached to the master bedroom) and a double vanity are on many buyer's must-have lists, a seamless enclosed shower with a built-in bench are in high demand too.  Bathtubs, while desirable in bathrooms for young children, aren't as important in a master bath.  So, if you're tight on space when renovating your master bathroom, feel free to ditch the tub. **A seamless glass enclosed shower makes a cramped bathroom look larger
  10. A Private Backyard: A big yard full of plants and trees looks pretty, but can actually hinder a house sale because buyers don't want a lot of yard work.  Instead, opt for fencing and landscaping that creates an at-home sanctuary of solitude in the backyard when remodeling outdoors.  Again, Pinterest is a great tool for backyard landscape inspiration or here are 5 Easy Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Home.

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