Holiday Wreath Shopping Guide

Whether made of pinecones, magnolia leaves, or pine boughs, the wreath - symbol of eternal life - is a timeless holiday tradition. 

In any season, I enjoy the warmth and energy a wreath adds to a space.  I've used twig wreaths, grapevine wreaths, and even barbed wire wreathes to decorate in my home.  Wreaths can be used as a centerpiece and even for napkin holders for a neat table setting.  One of my first holiday school projects was an ornament wreath made of small pretzels with my picture in the middle!

Here are tasteful ways to decorate your home with wreaths along with links to shop wreaths and wreath hanging tools online.  Click on any image to shop online or visit the Holiday Shop on my website here.  If your home is on the market this holiday season, check out my blog post Staging Tips for Selling During the Holidays here.

Window Decor

A wreath hung in a window during the holidays is a sign of kinship and hospitality.  I love this traditional look and whenever I'm visiting in-laws in Virginia for the holidays I can't get enough of it!  The photo above is a large variety natural wreath with gold ribbon and cardinals - a statement piece.  Wreaths can be hung from the interior or exterior of the window.  To decorate multiple windows I recommend small, uniform wreaths.  Pre-lit wreaths are enjoyable after dark.

Front Door Wreaths

Make an inviting statement with a front door wreath.  I'll be hanging the wreath I purchased from my daughters' school fundraiser on our front door this year.  Match the style of your wreath with the style of your home.  Traditional home?  Try a large-scale pine wreath.  Modern, clean lines?  A simple, twig or ornament wreath can best compliment your home's architectural style.  Here are some of my favorites this year:


Statement Wreaths

A wreath over the fireplace mantle is cozy and merry.  Or, hang a wreath over a mirror.  One of my annual Christmas decorations is a bright red carved wood wreath hung in front of our dining room mirror.  Hanging a wreath, or anything for that matter, in front of a mirror gives you more bang for your buck.  Again, consider the style of your home and the room when selecting a wreath.  I love the simplicity of a cotton wreath to pair with a farmhouse look.  A bay, olive branch, or eucalyptus wreath are simple and beautiful and can provide a wonderful aroma while blending with most any home's decor.  


Table Top Decor

Wreaths can look stylish when used to accessorize candles or as napkin rings or placeholder cards.  A light-colored backdrop will make any table top decor pop, so opt for an off-white tablecloth or napkins.  Keeping table top decor tastefully minimal will provide an inviting table setting that's simple and elegant.


I hope this quick guide was helpful to you!

Happy decorating,


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