Tricks for a Pinterest-Pretty Exterior

Making the exterior of your home look like it belongs on Pinterest doesn't require a big budget.  Focus on the details that pull everything together and you can have a winning appearance quickly and affordably.  Here's how:

Consider the Color Scheme

Do you know why national paint brands like Valspar and Benjamin Moore give away paint color guides?  Because they're the experts!  There's no better way to pick a pallet than to consult what the pros have already put together.  Think in 3's and decide on a primary color for siding, a secondary color for trim.  Make use of paint color guides from the pros to guide your choices. 

Address Fixed Materials

The roof, windows, and stonework on the exterior of your home may not be changing so it's important to find a way to work with these colors as you're determining the overall color scheme.  A light-colored roof may look awkward when paired with dark siding.  While the roof and house don't need to match, they should coordinate.  

Stick with an accent color that will play up the color of your windows.  Most window frames are black, white, or tan so plan accordingly.  

** To make your windows look large and high-end, try painting window trim the same color as the window frames AND adding wide trim to really enhance the look.


If your home sports brick or stone siding, is it dated or dingy?  Painting brick is all the rage and can completely transform the exterior appeal.  Or, if that's not in the budget, try pressure washing these surfaces to make them fresh once again.

Add Pretty Details

Adding trim is an easy way to increase both value and appeal.  **Wide trim has actually been proven to increase the perceived value of a home!  Trim around doors and windows can be replaced or added on to.  Don't worry about expensive, ornate trim.  Simply replacing (or adding) trim that's flat, stock, and three inches or wider on windows and doors will do the trick as in the example photos above.

Take trim a little further by adding to posts or columns.  Skirt the bases of posts for an instant upgrade or add corbels at the top of posts for a cottage look.


Shutters and window boxes can give your home welcoming appeal.  They can be applied to all or some of your windows to visually expand the window's appearance.  And who doesn't love a home with big windows?  Another add on are window boxes and they don't have to be high-maintenance!  Try faux florals and greenery for an always-fresh look.


Downplay the Unattractive

In any home, there are areas that are less attractive.  Gutters, garage doors, and concrete foundations are necessary parts of our homes, but if not addressed, can be eyesores!  Conceal a cement foundation with a stone veneer, corrugated metal, lattice, or paint at the very least.  Make gutters go away by coordinating them with the color of the trim.  Disguise vents, windows, or architectural details by painting them to blend with the surrounding color. 


** This tip is HUGE... to make your home's exterior Pinterest-pretty, camouflage garage doors!  So many of our homes have garage doors that are the focal point of our curb appeal.  That's a big no-no if you want high-end appeal.  Instead, the front door should be the focal point.  ----- > How To Make the Front Door the Focal Point of Your Home's Curb Appeal.  So, to camouflage garage doors, paint them to match adjacent siding.  This is really easy and I promise that once you do this you'll be asking why you didn't tackle this task years ago!

This home displays many of the tricks I've mentioned for a Pinterest-Pretty exterior.  It looks amazing!


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