Home Staging for Baby Boomers

With technology and social media providing an endless stream of dream home inspiration, buyers today want low-maintenance, Pinterest-pretty homes.  Here are 3 staging tips Boomers can use to appeal to the tastes of today's home buyers.

In Part One of this 3-part series we discussed the newly emerging home buying (and selling) habits of Baby Boomers and its impact on the housing market.  Many Boomers are saying they'll never downsize and those who are stepping down to smaller homes may have a hard time selling big, outdated homes. 

The majority of home buyers today are Millennials and Gen Xers who currently range between 25-54 years old and they don't want ornate or dated houses.  Instead, they prefer more-modern looking alternatives.  Millennials are often first-time buyers who want sleek and simple.  Gen X are in the middle stages of career and home ownership and are often buying to upgrade to a larger home, for a job relocation or change in family situation, or to move to a more desirable neighborhood.  Gen Xers as a group are the most likely to purchase multi-generational homes. 

If you're a Boomer wanting to sell your home, here are 3 staging tips to make your house more appealing to Gen X and Millennial buyers.

1. White walls  Staging superstar, Meredith Baer says, "I tell people to give rooms a coat of white paint, especially if the walls are a bright shade or anything in the mauve family - big turnoffs!  White makes everything look new."  Pick a neutral white without blue or green undertones.  Hands down, white paint is the best bang-for-your-buck staging investment you can make and crisp white looks fresh and modern;  just like buyers want.

2. Current kitchen  After paint, the next best thing you can do to improve the sale-ability of your home is to update the kitchen.  Today's buyers prefer crisp kitchens that are bright and spacious.  Stainless appliances are a must and white or light-colored cabinets appeal to the masses.  Quartz countertops and big islands that function as the main dining space are other updates to consider.  Even when a complete kitchen remodel isn't in the budget, adding matching stainless steel appliances and updating cabinet hardware can make a world of difference as illustrated 👉 HERE 

3. Clear clutter & Set the scene  If closets, basements, and living spaces are jam-packed, buyers won't be able to focus on the features of the home.  If it's half empty, they'll easily be able to envision their belongings fitting in each space. Follow the 50 Percent Rule for Cutting Clutter and store anything you don't want to get rid of but can live without while the home is on the market at an offsite storage space.  Finally, add staging props to highlight each space for photos and showings.  A new, large door mat, white towels in bathrooms, and fresh fruit and a hand towel in the kitchen give Pinterest appeal.

👉 Join me for Part Three of the Baby Boomers at Home series where I reveal the TOP HOME RENOVATIONS FOR BOOMERS who are choosing not to downsize.  

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