How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Even when space is limited, a small bedroom can still provide function and comfort.

To make the most of a small bedroom, try these decorating ideas:

  • Begin with paint.  Paint the room a light color in eggshell/satin to reflect light.
  • Use a bed to scale.  Rather than cramping the room with a queen bed, try a double bed that won't impede on walkways.
  • Choose a bedside table that offers storage.  A console table or chest can provide drawers to conceal items as well as a surface for a bedside clock and lamp.  In a bunk room or room with a pair of twin beds, a chest of drawers placed between the beds can double as a side table to maximize space.
  • Use pieces that multi-task.  For example, a stool at the foot of the bed can also be used as a luggage rack for guests.
  • Incorporate a mirror to reflect light and enhance the scale of the room.
  • Utilize overhead and task lighting, such as a bedside lamp.  Wall mount lamps can be used where surface space is limited.
  • Use the same type of flooring as an adjacent room/hall to make the room appear larger by tricking the eye.
  • Add window treatments that match the walls and extend to the ceiling to increase drama and the visual height of the room.
  • Soften the space with an area rug similar in color to the flooring. 
  • Install a closet system to eliminate the need for clothes/linen storage within the bedroom itself.
  • Use a headboard that's minimal by design or similar to the wall color to give the illusion of more space.

As with any room in your home, decorating a small bedroom can be a work in progress.  Add to it as you find items that are just right for the space.  With these decorating ideas, your small bedroom can provide comfort and utility.

For decorating ideas specific to your home go here to work with me!

My favorite furniture and decor for small bedrooms!


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