The Benefits of Packing Now

A clutter-free home without moving boxes stacked in the bedrooms, halls, garage, and basement makes for an ideal listing.  You can easily show off a prepared home where all the extras have been removed.  Your listing photos look great and you typically attract a buyer quickly.  

Of any of the tasks a homeowner can tackle to ready their home, de-cluttering and cleaning have the biggest impact for the smallest investment according to the HomeGain Blog.

Here are the benefits of packing now, leading to the ultimate benefit; a sold home!

  1. You've already made the decision to move so packing is inevitable.  A de-cluttered house is easier to sell, so why wait to pack as much as possible?
  2. Early packing can save time and the stress of having to pack everything right before the moving truck arrives.
  3. The cost of off-site storage can be offset by the shorter period of time that it takes a clutter-free home to sell.
  4. If paying for off-site storage isn't in your budget, ask a friend or relative for storage space so packed boxes can be removed from the house.
Read our blog post The 50 Percent Rule for Cutting Clutter for recommendations on how much you should de-clutter.  Get Started today with a custom Staging Report to guide you as you begin packing.

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