How To Makeover Windows

In this video Oprah's favorite interior designer, Nate Berkus, shows you how to hang window treatments to make the most of your space.


When staging, it's important to play up the features of your home and windows are a great place to start. To create the illusion of a large room,  extend rods beyond the window frame and hang them close to the ceiling.



In this illustration, both windows are the same size and placed identically on the wall.  By extending the curtain rod 6-12 inches beyond the window frame, the window on the left looks wider and allows the greatest amount of natural light to enter the room.  Mounting the rod within 6 inches of the ceiling so that the curtains span from the ceiling to "kiss" the floor makes the window on the left appear taller.

What if your windows are bare?  In certain rooms it helps to hang curtains to add appeal when staging.  Adding sheer curtains in a light color can brighten a room.  And although you can see through a sheer curtain, don't shy away from following this hanging guideline, you will still get the effect of a larger, brighter space even when you can see the window frame beyond.

To give an ordinary space a dramatic face-lift, add window cornices.  They can be used to hide drapery rods and can be extended to the ceiling to make a room appear taller.  Cornices work well in rooms where moisture and food are present - think bathrooms and kitchens or dining areas.

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