Stage Any Bathroom to Look Like a Spa


Spa is the word to remember when staging a bathroom!

When you think of a spa, you probably think of a serene space that's fresh and clean with white towels and robes and elegant white orchids.  It's beautiful and simple.  When buyers are home shopping, a spa-like bathroom is exactly what they want.  And you can make your bathroom look like a spa, even when you're living in your home while it's on the market, in a few simple steps.  Here's how you can easily stage any bathroom to appeal to buyers.  Would you rather watch than read?  Go here to watch my bathroom staging video.

First, decide if the bathroom needs updated and whether your budget allows for an update.  Of any bathroom in a home, buyers pay most attention to master bathrooms, so it can often pay off to update this space.  When choosing new bath cabinetry, plumbing, and finishes, opt for light, spa-like colors.  Keep metalics matching for a high-end look.  If the vanity faucet is polished nickel, choose polished nickel towel bars and rings to match.  If your budget is limited, replace a standard model shower head with a new, oversized model to give the appearance of a luxurious shower.  Look for all-in-one bath vanities which include the cabinet, sink, and faucet for an easy update.  Replace small or dark framed mirrors with large framed or slab mirrors as big as will fit the space to make the bath appear larger.  Sinks, toilets, and tubs in bright white are on trend.  Paint walls white and opt for light-colored, neutral tile, flooring, and countertops.  If a bath renovation is not in your budget, use the next two steps to make the bathroom in its current state look its best.

Next, deep clean and declutter the space.  Tuck away personal items such as toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, and jewelry.  Store dark towels, rugs, and decor.  Remove extra storage wall cabinets and plastic containers which can crowd the space.  Move toilet brushes and plungers to a concealed location.  Replace mis-matched light bulbs and corkscrew bulbs with matching standard bulbs.  Clean grout and re-caulk where needed.  

For a finishing touch, add staging props.  Crisp, white towels on all bars, rings, and hooks as well as rolled and displayed on tub decks or on a shower bench bring an instant spa-look.  If the flooring in the bath is dark or dated, add a large, light colored rug.  A white real or faux orchid on the vanity looks elegant and candles or spa baskets bring a nice touch.  An extra-long white shower curtain will make the bathroom look high-end.  And, placing a new roll of toilet paper with the end folded in a v-shape will give the bath a maid-cleaned appearance. 

**To make staging easy, use a clothes basket to bring staging props into the bathroom for set-up prior to photos, showings, and open houses and as a convenient way to store the props when not in use.

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In this video I walk you through bathroom staging step by step as well as show you some of my favorite props.

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