How to Stage Your Backyard to Sell


The home's interior often takes the center stage when sprucing up to sell, but your home's exterior gives the first impression when potential buyers arrive. A well-appointed backyard may seal the deal, whether or not the prospects are on the fence. Call off the excavators and put a total backyard makeover on hold. Here are six simple staging techniques to showcase your backyard's best features so prospective buyers can imagine themselves enjoying the breeze with a drink in hand.


1.  Move clutter out of the backyard. Put away scattered toys and garden tools. Get rid of yard decorations and other items that are worn out or otherwise look unattractive. Remove yard decorations that only appeal to some buyers, like decorative flags and garden statues. A potential buyer may not love the pink flamingos as much as you do.

2.  Polish up the landscaping. Trim overgrown bushes and tree branches. Weed gardens, landscaped areas, and around patios and fences.

3.  Clean and repair structures like fences, patios, and raised planting beds. A power washer works well to remove buildup of grime and dirt.

4.  Arrange the yard to set up areas for different uses. For example, you might set up benches or a hammock in a back corner for a quiet seating area. Leave an open area in the middle of the backyard to show potential buyers there is room for playing or entertaining.

5.  Set up a small outdoor dining table on the patio to create an eating and entertainment area. Arrange other patio furniture to leave enough room to walk around. If the patio is cluttered with a poor traffic flow, remove some of the furniture.

6.  Plant colorful flowers either in planting beds or in decorative pots. The splashes of color dress up the backyard and make it look attractive to potential buyers.

Tip:  To appeal to the widest audience, keep the backyard elements as neutral as possible.   Article by Shelley Frost of SFGate For a staging plan specific to the home you're selling, Get Started today with a Staging Service from Stage My Listings.

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