Kitchen Staging That Doesn't Cost A Lot

A major kitchen renovation can cost a lot of money that may not be recouped when you sell.  Instead of going for a full remodel, consider small changes you can make to update your kitchen and appeal to buyers.

Since the kitchen is one of the main deciding factors for buyers when choosing a home, it's important to get your kitchen looking its best.  Fortunately, this doesn't mean spending a lot.  Consider what small changes you can make to update your kitchen. Paint rather than replace cabinets, swap out hardware and roll out an attractive area rug. If the appliances are extremely out-of-date and you decide to replace them, don’t feel pressured to go super high end.

A clean, fresh, bright kitchen that makes the most of the space will attract buyers and does not need to cost a lot.  

A staged kitchen:
    1. Looks, feels, and smells clean and fresh
    2. Looks and feels spacious and light with plenty of room inside cabinets and closets
    3. Is good looking and has no unappealing or out-of-date features
    4. Looks welcoming and is easy for buyers to see themselves using and enjoying the space
Here are my easy ideas to prep your kitchen before you sell your home.
  • Clean to sparkle from top to bottom, even if it means hiring a pro
  • Eliminate odors from garbage, recycle, pet items, and disposals
  • Consider fresh paint in a light, bright color - when in doubt, go with crisp white
  • Keep windows clean and clear inside and out and remove window treatments to let maximum light into the kitchen
  • Clear the counters except for a toaster, coffee maker, and bowl of fresh fruit and vase of fresh flowers
  • Pair down cabinet contents and organize the remaining items (potential buyers will look inside your cabinets)
  • Organize the pantry by pairing down, clearing the floor space to make it look larger, and arranging the remaining contents with like items together and in matching food storage containers
  • Style open shelving with just a few tasteful items
  • Display fancy soap at the sink and a hand towel on the oven door
  • Make the faucet shine by polishing the existing fixture or opting for a new model that's on-trend
  • Bring in fresh flowers or greenery

An outside set of eyes from a friend, neighbor, or professional can serve as a guide if you're unsure of what's needed to get your kitchen looking its best.  Just remember to prep and stage before listing photos are taken to make the best possible impression and help attract buyers. 

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