Knowing When and Why to Call a Stager

No one gets a second chance to make a first impression, and in home-selling terms, the first impression means dollars.

Many people watch HGTV shows and think home staging is just another term for rearranging furniture and decorating.  While it does include these parts, when staging is done correctly, it's a science and an art that's much more comprehensive.

The science of home staging include the essentials that prepare the house for market like:

  • Packing away personal items
  • Performing necessary maintenance
  • Completing home improvements

The art of home staging includes:

  • Maximizing the positive architectural features of your house
  • Utilizing art, furniture, lighting, and accessories to draw viewer's to the house's positive features
  • Appealing to the widest prospective audience interested in buying your house

Before you sell your property, you need to know how to invest your time and money to bring your property up to a marketable condition if you want to secure the most equity you can get.  A stager can help you figure out what you need to do and where you should spend your money to bring your property to market.

But staging isn't a cure-all: Location, price, market conditions, and economics all play important roles in the sale of a property.  The ONE area where you have total control is the condition of the property - how the house looks and feels.  A professional stager helps you focus on the process of earning and uncovering the equity within your property. 

Moving is stressful.  It ranks right up there along with public speaking on the anxiety scale.  A great stager works with you like a professional fitness trainer, by showing you the most efficient way to work, removing stress from the moving process, making top recommendations to get your home sold, and helping you get everything done on time.  A great stager also:

  • Helps you determine which home improvement projects you're able to do yourself
  • Points out areas where hiring a contractor will be beneficial
  • Has an arsenal of products, services, and trade connections to save you time and money

What can you expect from a complete staging consultation?  It wasn't long ago that sellers could tidy the yard, wash the dishes, and mop the floors before putting a For Sale sign in the yard.  But the market has changed: Consumers are very savvy, and you're competing with brand-new construction and Pinterest perfect ideals when you try to sell your home.

When buyers choose a house, they're looking for the best house they can get for the price they're willing to spend.  The best way to get your house ready to compete is by having a complete staging consultation and adhering to the stager's recommendations.  A complete staging consultation is a thorough inspection of your house and property.  The professional stager gives you a written report that looks like the mother of all "honey do" lists.  The list contains all the things you planed to get to eventually but need to complete now, and a lot of stuff you may have never noticed.  Moving is a lot of work.  Remember, the more you do to prepare your house for the transition, the better your return on investment.

A professional stager will advise you on tasks that will bring you the greatest return on investment so that your elbow grease, improvements, and outside help from cleaners and contractors all come together effectively.  Following all of this hard work, a stager will often return to your home and insure a staged appearance prior to your listing photos.  With guidance through the process from a professional stager, you'll take control of that ONE area you can - the condition of the property - how the house looks and feels - so you have a house you can market with confidence.

To Get Started today with a professional staging In-Person or via Video-Call, visit our online store and select a Staging Service that works for you.

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