Matching Appliances Matter

For a cohesive look, coordinate kitchen appliances.

Whether you prefer your kitchen to have stainless, black, white, or even black stainless appliances, staging experts agree that appliances should match when it comes time to sell your home.  

Kitchens with mismatched appliances:

The kitchens pictured above have nice looking cabinetry and counter tops.  But, the mismatched appliances overshadow these nice features.

I recently viewed a home that had been renovated by the owners in hopes of flipping for profit.  They installed new tile floors, repainted, added granite kitchen counter tops, and even fully outfitted the home with modern decor and furnishings.  But, in the kitchen of this open-concept home the new cabinets and counter tops went unnoticed because of mismatched appliances. The first thing to catch my eye was a white dishwasher.  All of the other kitchen appliances were stainless.  I mentioned the mis-matched dishwasher to the agent and she said, "that's what everyone notices about this kitchen!"  To think that the owners had gone through the laborious renovation process and still, with how beautiful the home looked, prospective buyers only saw the white dishwasher. 

While appliances can be costly, I would argue that a $300 dishwasher would have gone a long way in that home.  I wouldn't say that the dishwasher single-handedly turned buyers away, but an incongruity that sticks out to prospective buyers adds to their 'to-do project list' and alerts them to be on the lookout for other discrepancies.  

When preparing a home to sell, outfitting it with matching appliances doesn't have to break the bank.  Most homes can suffice with entry to mid-grade appliance models.  And, sourcing appliances from Craigslist or appliance warehouses can be an effective way to get matching appliances for less.

Want to know which color appliances are best suited to your kitchen?  Text a photo of your kitchen to me at 970-404-1972 for advice.

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