Mirror Magic

Mirrors are truly magical when staging or decorating a house.  Here are the best ways to put them to use as well as the cardinal rule to follow when decorating with mirrors.

Because they give the illusion of space and naturally double the amount of light in a room, mirrors can be used to enhance any house.  Well placed mirrors are a designer's and home stager's best friend.  When a house is short on space and lacking large windows, mirrors can bring in light, expand walls, and instantly brighten rooms throughout the house. 

If you want to make your house appear larger in order to appeal to more home buyers, read on for my best tips when incorporating mirrors.

Reflect natural light

In a room with only one window, a designer trick is to add a 'second' window by hanging a large framed or slab mirror.  Balance the size of the mirror accordingly with existing windows and be sure to align the mirror with key decor such as the chandelier in this dining room.

Mirror an entire wall

For small rooms, a floor to ceiling mirror on a key wall can accomplish the feel of additional square footage.  Or, in a room where you want a sophisticated appearance, adding framed or slab mirrors to a wall will make for a jaw-dropping transformation.  Take a look at how the mirrored wall in this small apartment doubles the perceived size of the narrow room.

Add a framed mirror over the fireplace

The fireplace is often the focal point of the room in which it resides, but your fireplace often isn't used in warmer months. Add emphasis to a fireplace not in use by placing a gorgeous framed mirror above the mantel. Not only will this visually enlarge the space, it will add a reflective surface to the decor pieces you have on the mantle.  It's amazing how the mirror above this fireplace brightens the room and looks like an additional window.  Well done!

Brighten a bathroom

Of all of the rooms in a house, the bathroom is where mirrors are in fact necessary.  But, taking them to the next level will provide more than function.  To take full advantage of mirrors in a bathroom, consider an oversized framed mirror, lighting mounted through the mirror, and mirrored outlets.  Mirrors extending from the vanity top to the ceiling can double the size of the room and add instant drama that home buyers will fall in love with.

Positive reflections

When you're placing mirrors around your house to draw in home buyers, remember the cardinal rule of mirrors: **Make sure to reflect something that's worth looking at.  A mirror with an unwanted reflection such as a neighboring house or a ceiling fan will only work against your efforts.


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