My #1 Staging Tip

If you do only one thing in preparation of selling your home, do this - lighten up!

The purpose of home staging is to create an environment where buyers will be able to imagine themselves living.  Having it clean and depersonalized makes it possible to see the home's true potential.  In my experience, lightening makes the biggest difference in the overall appearance of the home.  By lightening I'm referring to enhancing the natural and artificial (lamps and fixtures) light sources in the home as well as using light colors for walls, floors and furnishings.

When people walk into a home and it seems a little dark and gloomy, they can be emotionally put off. Here are tips to make your home look brighter and lighter:
    Clean Windows and Screens

      Having the windows cleaned is an easy way to improve the brightness of the home. In addition to the glass the screens and frames should be cleaned.  ** Remove and store your screens for photos and showings to allow the maximum amount of daylight to enter.  The difference this simple tip makes might surprise you!

        Replace Light Bulbs and Shades

          Swap regular light bulbs for LED models.   Make sure each fixture contains the brightest bulb recommended by the manufacturer.  Exchange colored or yellowed lamp shades with new ones that are crisp white.

            Trim Foliage

              If there are trees or bushes outside your windows, trim them to allow as much natural light as possible to enter your windows.  Even the shadow from a large tree can darken a room, so consider all exterior plantings.

                Pull Blinds Up and Remove Drapes

                  Pull blinds all of the way open and neatly wrap the cords.  Remove drapes, valances, and blinds that are any color other than white, tan, or cream.  When staging, an undressed window is better than one with treatments that darken the space in any way. 

                  Last, but not least...  Bring on the White

                  Paint interior walls neutral off-white.  Accent walls should be returned to their original color.  If flooring is to be replaced, opt for the lightest practical color. 

                  Remove furnishings and decor that are dark or dull.  Bring in more light with slipcovers and inexpensive indoor/outdoor area rugs and throw pillows.  **When staging, fewer furnishings that are light colored will make your home look better than rooms filled with furniture that's too dark. 

                  Bathrooms can be staged with white towels for photos and showings.  Crisp, white bed linens brighten any bedroom.  And light-colored, full pillows to the bed.  Layering white pillows on the bed makes the bedroom appear more luxurious.

                  For a final touch, add a fresh bouquet of white Alstroemeria (long-lasting, inexpensive flower) on the dining or coffee table and real or faux white orchids on bathroom vanities.

                  ** Remember, when your home is properly staged, it will feel sparse. Don't fret, this will allow buyers to see themselves in your home, which is exactly what it takes to get it SOLD.

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