A Checklist for a Show-Ready House


No matter how prepared you feel about the staging you've done to get your house ready for market, the idea of prospective buyers in your personal space is stressful.  Follow this list to alleviate some of the pressure showings and open houses can bring.

Most important while selling your house is to keep a positive frame of mind throughout this admittedly difficult process.  Realize that the work you do now will secure equity in your house and help you move on with your life.  **The physically demanding work of staging your house is behind you.  Now keeping your home show-ready is an effort that is best done daily. 

These tasks can serve as a fire drill list to prepare for an open house or a showing on short notice:

  • Open all window coverings in rooms where the views are good and wipe the glass to be spotless.
  • Turn on all lamps and overhead lighting including difficult to locate light switches (dark rooms).  On overcast days, turn on exterior lights as well.
  • Make all of the beds, swapping out personal linens for light-colored staging linens.
  • Pick up and put away things that should be out of sight, such as toys, remote controls, and paperwork.
  • Fluff and arrange sofa pillows, fold and neatly place throws, and straighten rugs and decor.
  • Check water levels and freshness if you're using fresh fruit and/or flowers around the house.
  • Wipe the sinks after doing dishes or washing your hands.
  • Clear off and clean the stove top and counters.
  • Place a staging hand towel near the sink or hanging from the oven door.
  • Sweep/mop/vacuum the floors (or use a Swiffer-type mop).
  • Empty the garbage and wastepaper baskets throughout the home.
  • In the bathrooms:
    • Wipe off mirrors and faucets.
    • Clear off counter tops and tub decks.
    • Squeegee shower doors.
    • Close the toilet lid. 
    • Pull the shower curtain 2/3 of the way closed. 
    • Replace daily towels with white or light-colored staging towels placed on rings, bars, and rolled on the tub deck and in the shower.
    • Tuck bathroom scales, personal products, and toilet plungers and brushes out of sight.
  • Clear off the washer and dryer and store clothes baskets out of sight.
  • Place pet toys, beds, and food/water bowls out of sight.
  • Leave all interior doors open for ease of access for viewers.
  • Clear the front entrance and door mat of dust, debris, and spider webs.
  • Put away outdoor toys and clear the lawn of any sign of pets.
  • Remove all vehicles from the garage, driveway, and street in front of your house.

Our professional staging service includes a Showing Prep List specific to your home.  Homeowners have often thanked us for including this tool as a reminder of what needs to be done during the often chaotic hours leading up to open houses and showings.  Get Started here to utilize this service.

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