Should You Paint Your House Before Selling?

Most likely the answer is "yes" if you want your house to look its best.  To be 100% sure that you should invest time and money into painting before selling, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you hang any pictures on the walls with nails?
  • Are there holes in the wall or patches on the wall that haven’t been fixed and painted over?
  • Is there more than one color on the walls of your house (not including white)?
  • Is there writing on the walls anywhere in the house?
  • Is there an accent wall or any murals in the house?
  • Have you lived in the home for over 5 years?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Is the color scheme dated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should paint your house before selling it if you want to attract a buyer.

And, if you will be painting your house, the next obvious question is "what color"?  To determine the answer, consider two tips:

  1. Work with what you already have.  I'm a big fan of simplified staging so first consider your present color pallet.  Typically there are one or two paint colors that have been primarily used throughout your home.  It's likely that the wall color and ceiling color are continuous, save a few accent walls or rooms that have been painted different colors.  Re-neutralize your interior by giving a fresh coat of paint using the color(s) originally used in your home.  Doing this will unify your home and give a fresh, clean pallet to help buyers feel like they can see themselves living there. 
  2. White is the best - but not just any white.  All white paints are not created equal.  The right white will warm up and modernize the interior of the home.  If the primary paint color in your home is one that was popular 15 or even 20+ years ago - such as beige-white, tan, or a peachy white - choose a new white to update and appeal to buyers.  The "builder beige" or "designer tans" popular in the '90s look out of place next to the bright whites used in today's design world of Fixer Upper, Pinterest, and HGTV.

Two of my favorite white paint colors that work in almost any space are from Sherwin Williams: Modest White SW 6084 and Everyday White SW 6077.  Other whites from Sherwin Williams that are trending now include Pure White, Snowbound, Simple White, Shoji White, and Incredible White.  Although these colors may not be exciting, they are perfect for creating the neutral, inviting environment that's imperative when staging your home. 


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