Staging My Own Home For Sale - Part Three - Photos, Showings & SOLD!

For years I've helped other homeowners prepare for market.  Now it's time to stage my own home!

In Part One and Two of this series that I published last month, I went over the reason my husband and I are selling our home, the exterior paint transformation, and the interior preparations.  If you haven't seen the corresponding posts, you can read them here: Part One and Part Two

And here is the Zillow link to listing to view our staged home.

After staging and completing updates to the interior and exterior of our home,our Realtor hired a professional photographer.  I recommend using a professional for the best quality photographs since listing photos are your first impression to the marketplace.  Great photos represent your home positively and will physically draw buyers through your front door. 

To prepare for photos I lightened and brightened, which is my #1 Staging Tip (see the how to steps).  This involved bringing in white linens, bath towels, area rugs, throw pillows, art, and flowers; both fresh and faux.  We had paired down our decor and furniture during Part Two of the staging, so I added to what was left, using only light-colored pieces. 


Staging props similar to those I used are available for rent and/or purchase here.

Our home was built in 1995, so the finishes are dated but I think the staging props freshened-up each space.

For showings, we made sure to switch on overhead lights and lamps, open blinds and curtains, and display our light-colored staging props as I had done for the photography.

So... I'm sure you're curious to know if all of our work paid off...  I'm very happy to report that in seven days on the market we had multiple showings and offers and went under contract for more than our asking price!

If you want help knowing how to prepare your home for market, Work With Me online or in-person. 

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