The Best White Interior Paint to Sell Your Home

There's no better color than white for interior walls if you're preparing to sell.  But, there are so many whites to choose from!  Here I give you my go-to white paint colors that will look right in any home.

After location and price, the top features buyers are looking for in a property are current flooring, adequate storage, and FRESH PAINT.  The look and smell of a freshly painted interior appeals to buyers and although it seems boring, white is the best color choice when repainting with the intent to sell.  However, white can be one of the hardest paint colors to pick!  So to make this simple, I'm giving you the two white paint colors I recommend along with the reasons why I like them and examples of each.

White paint comes in three varieties;  cool, neutral, and warm.  Cool whites can make a space feel cold and uninviting and warm whites tend to look yellow and dated; neither of which are what buyers want!  For these reasons, the whites I like best for staging are neutral whites with just a hint of warmth. 

In design, there aren't a lot of one-size-fits-all answers, but these whites are truly the exception! 

Have a look:

Benjamin Moore White Dove


White Dove has been Benjamin Moore's best selling white for 10 years and it really is perfect in any home!  With just a touch of warmth, this neutral white won't look too stark.  It's perfect for walls, trim, or even cabinets and literally goes with everything.  I've never seen it not work!

Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Alabaster was the color of the year for 2017 for a good reason - it's pretty stunning.  Because it's got a warmth to it that's grounded by a neutral base, it isn't overly creamy.  Alabaster is a good choice for trim or cabinetry and gives a soft, inviting look when used on walls too.  Again, this white will work in any interior space.


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