A "Honey Do" List for Selling Your Home

People want to buy homes - not projects! 

If you're selling, tackling your "honey do" list is essential to attracting a buyer willing to pay full asking price.

When buyers view a home and see repairs, cleaning, and spending money, they won't be envisioning living in the house, instead they'll see themselves spending hours of time and a lot of money fixing it.  And even when a buyer can envision the home in a complete, perfect state, they will discount the selling price to make up for the work that needs to be done.  Any part of the work left undone leaves the price open for negotiation, often resulting in lost equity.

So before taking another step toward selling your property, compile the ultimate "honey do" list and make sure you've crossed off every item.  If you want to earn the most equity in your home, the time to take action is now.  Perform repairs, replacements, and updates throughout your home now so that when your home is marketed, buyers will see a showcased property, not an outdated, worn, eyesore. 

Here is a checklist covering the basics:

  • Bathroom faucets and fixtures: Repair any broken toilet seats or hinges.  Fix any leaking, worn, or outdated faucets; replace washers and caulk if needed.
  • Countertops and cabinetry: Replace damaged countertops and fix any cabinet doors or drawers that don't operate smoothly.  Clean cabinets inside and out with a product like Murphy's Oil Soap that will remove debris and leave your home smelling fresh.
  • Doorbell, doors, and door hardware: Repair doors that don't operate smoothly and oil any squeaks.  Repaint or replace doors for a fresh look.  If the hardware on the doors is dated, consider replacing it.  Repair a doorbell that doesn't work.
  • Floors: Replace or repair flooring that is broken, missing, dated, or inconsistent throughout the home.  Have carpets and the grout in tiled areas professionally cleaned.  
  • Light fixtures, switch plates, and electrical sockets: If they don't work, repair them and if they are discolored or outdated, replace them.  Use standard (non-corkscrew) bulbs in fixtures inside and on the exterior of the home.  Bulbs within each fixture should match. *Pro tip - replace your dining room chandelier with an inexpensive, trendy model for a small investment that pays off - (this one) looks great in almost any home.
  • Shower curtains and towels: Replace dark, monogrammed, or dingy towels and shower curtains with light-colored or white ones.  *Pro tip - purchase an 84" or taller shower curtain (like this one) for a grand appearance in your bathroom.
  • Walls: Repair cracks or holes.  A fresh coat of paint will give a like-new smell and appearance.
  • Windows: Touch-up, replace, or repair window trim.  Replace any broken panes.  Take down dark or cheap-looking draperies or blinds.  Windows should be streak-free.  *Pro tip - to brighten your home (buyers love light, bright, sunny spaces) remove and store window screens. 

For recommendations specific to the home you're selling, you can get a custom Staging Report from our pros!  We'll guide you room-by-room with a complete list of repairs, updates, and makeover tips to prepare your home for a fast, top-dollar sale.


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