Why Sellers Need a Staging Report

Here are 3 reasons experts say a Home Staging Report is a necessity for anyone wanting to sell their home.

  1. It's objective - When you've lived in your home for any period of time, you lose sight of it's actual appearance.  Just like when you get a new, or new to you car.  For the first couple of weeks, even months, it feels so different to drive.  Gradually, after a period of time, you no longer notice the little things about your new car that were at first so apparent.  This phenomena is natural.  To see your home as it will appear to buyers, it takes an outside set of eyes.  A stager prepares a Staging Report for your home objectively, giving an outside perspective from a professional viewpoint.
  2. The recommendations are on-trend - Most homeowners aren't immersed daily in home design, sales, and marketing.  Trends change all of the time.  To impress buyers and sell your home quickly, staying on top of real estate and design trends is imperative.  A Home Staging Report is prepared by a staging professional who is highly involved in the real estate sales industry.  It gives you the most up-to-date design ideas to implement so that when your home goes on the market it gets noticed for its on-trend appearance.
  3. A Staging Report gives a clear roadmap - Selling your home is not a simple task but with the right tools the process can be made easier.  A Home Staging Report spells out exact tasks for each area of the property recommended for a market-ready home.  When you're equipped with this tool, you don't have to wonder what to do, you can simply reference the list, checking items off as you go.  Before you know it, you've arrived at your destination!  Your home is perfectly showcased and ready for the center-stage.

Take a look at this Staging Report to see exactly what's included in a professional report.  From the overview, to the room-by-room specifics and product recommendations, a Home Staging Report will equip you for a fast home sale.

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