1512 Bennett Home Design Plan

October, 2018


1512 Bennett Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO

Overview: The goal of the design recommendations given is to utilize existing furnishings, add key pieces, and make improvements that will update the home.


  • Paint walls other than the kitchen, guest bedroom, upstairs bathroom, and basement 4004-1A Valspar Tempered Gray.
  • Touch-up paint trim, ceiling, and doors, keeping them white.
  • Add vinyl flooring throughout. Product TBD.
  • Lighten the exposed beam upstairs to update the space.

Living Room

  • Apply wall paint with a Brushed Pearl (Valspar) or similar finish.
  • Replace the window treatment with a light-colored, double width (100”wide) and tall (96” high) single panel drapery with a rod pocket. Mount the rod without a center bracket and pull the drapery to the fireplace side when open so as not to crowd the front door.


  • Place a TV above the mantel.
  • Place the rug parallel to the fireplace hearth.
  • Add a coffee table. The small round table could be cut down to 18-20” high to serve this purpose.
  • Add a side table between the end of the sofa and the front door.  A decorative pet crate could double as an end table somewhere in the room.
  • Add a floor or table lamp next to the sofa.

  • Add textural décor above the sofa.
  • Place the upholstered chair and ottoman with the antique green side table to the right of the fireplace.
  • Add a table lamp on the green side table.

  • Add a throw and decorative pillows on the sofa.


  • Add 3-4 bar stools to create a dining area at the peninsula.


  • Consider adding runner rugs to soften the steps.
  • The sconce at the upstairs landing could be replaced for an updated look.
  • Frame out and finish the wall bordering the basement stairs and add a railing or stair edge to give the stairs a finished look.

Guest Bedroom

  • Move the sofa closer to the door and place the desk along the back wall.
  • Add a full-height drapery across the windows and door to make the room private and cozy.

Master Bedroom

  • Remove the TV mount.
  • Add a tall storage piece in its place.
  • Add a queen bed and headboard.
  • The small side tables that were beside the master bed at the RRF house would look nice as side tables.
  • Add a pair of matching lamps on either side of the headboard.


  • Add drapes and a rod hung to extend 14” on either side of the window and to the ceiling.


  • Install a closet system to maximize the usefulness of the closet.


  • Add cabinets along the back wall facing the stairs for storage.


  • Take down the shelving from the side wall.
  • Move the baker's rack opposite the sofa to use for the TV and storage.

Laundry Room

  • For now, a wall shelf for storage, an area rug, and a ceiling mount drapery rod to use for hanging clothes could be added.

  • Insulate and drywall.
  • Add cabinetry as it fits once dry-walled.

This list is for recommendation purposes only. All items may be purchased at the discretion of the homeowner. Sizing and specifications should be verified by purchaser.