2641 Dolores Way Showing Prep List


2641 Dolores Way, Carbondale

July, 2019


  • Clean windows including glass, screens, and sills.
  • Switch on interior lights.


  • Add a front door mat.

      Entry and Hall

      • Keep the floor space clear.
      • Tidy the coat closet.

        Powder Bathroom

        • Clear the table by the sink other than a bottle of soap and add a hand towel on the towel ring.
        • Tuck away the scale, toilet brush, and rug that's around the toilet.

            Living Room

            • Clear off the mantel.
            • Remove any kids toys.


            • Remove all items other than the table, two chairs, and potted plants.

             Dining Room

            • Clear off the dining table other than fresh flowers.
            • Clear the floor space and the top of the drawer cabinet and tuck away the keyboard and any remotes.


            • Move the trash can to within a cabinet or below the bar counter so it's not seen when first entering the home.
            • Move the butcher block table to below the far end of the bar counter to keep the walkway clear.
            • Clear the front and sides of the refrigerator.
            • Hang a fresh towel on the oven door.  

                Lower Level Family Room

                • Clear the seating area other than decorative pillows. 
                • Clear off the tops of the TV cabinet and coffee table.
                • Remove any items that are on the floor and stored in the corners of the room to make the space appear large and uncluttered.
                • Tidy the laundry space.  Dirty laundry can be taken with you when you leave, in a laundry basket.

                Master Bedroom

                • Tidy the bed and prop up the large shamed pillows.
                • Clear off the tops of the side tables.
                • Tidy the closets.

                Master Balcony

                • Store items other than the two chairs.  

                Master Bath

                • Display fresh towels, clear off the vanity and the tub deck, and tuck away any toilet tools and the rugs. 

                Kids Bedroom

                • Tidy the closet.
                • Make the bed as it was for photos.
                • Clear the floor space other than the toy baskets.

                  Kids Bathroom

                  • Display fresh towels, clear off the vanity, tidy the showerand tuck away any toilet tools and rugs.