37055 Hwy 6 Staging Checklist


37055 Hwy 6 New Castle, CO

April 2020

Report Overview: The goal for staging 37055 Hwy 6 is to make it an inviting home that will appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. This can be achieved by removing personal items, storing unused items, and staging each space for a cohesive appearance.  Click on recommended product photos to be linked for online purchase.

  • Remove vehicles from the front of the house for photos and showings.
  • Add bark chips in the planted area near the deck and matching landscaping rock in the front rock garden.
  • Remove the round planter and random items that are in the rock garden.
  • Keep the front, side, back, and orchard yard trimmed.
  • Keep all walkways, driveways, and decks throughout the property clear of debris.
  • At the front door, store the Schiller sign, the doormat, and either the settee or the two chairs.  Place the cushions and the decorative pillow on the remaining seating area. 
  • Clean the siding and light fixture.
  • Add an outdoor rug in front of the front door for an inviting appearance. Nourison Aloha Blue/Multi 3'6" x 5'6" or Fab Habitat 3' x 5' or similar.
  • A coordinating rug should be placed in front of the side entrance and another coordinating rug in a 8' x 10' size could be added under the patio dining set.
  • Place the larger set of planter pots filled with fresh flower plantings by the front entry.  Keep the smaller pair of pots by the side entry.
  • On the deck, paint the concrete by the side door or cover it with a fresh rug.
  • Add the missing railing for photos and showings.
  • Arrange the table and six chairs with the umbrella around the table in a location that shows there's plenty of space for the dining area.
  • Raise the umbrella for photos and showings, weather permitting.
  • Store the small wood bistro set.
  • Add a cover to the grill.
  • Tidy the boys toys for photos and showings.
  • Deep clean the interior of the home to sparkle.
  • Touch-up paint throughout the home where walls are scuffed and hanging items have been taken down.
  • Replace low wattage light bulbs (60W or below) with brightest bulbs recommended by manufacturer. Similar fixtures within each room should have matching bulbs. Corkscrew bulbs should be removed. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be dusted and cleaned.
  • Windows including glass, screens, and sills should be professionally cleaned and spotless allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter the home. Unused screens can be stored to brighten rooms.
  • Repair torn screens.
  • Closets can be neatly organized with items placed on matching hangers.  The floor space should be kept as clear as possible to make closets appear large.
  • Any sign of pets including beds, food and water bowls, and toys should be tucked away for photos and showings.
  • Remove baby gates for photos and showings.
Side Entry
  • Add a fresh colorful rug, maybe one that coordinates with the runner that's in the kitchen.
  • Keep a minimal number of items placed on the hooks.
  • Tidy the contents of the cabinets.
  • Clear off the shelf and window ledge other than plants and the photo and clear the floor space for photos and showings.


    • Pair down and neatly organize cabinet contents.
    • Clear off the side, front, and top of the refrigerator.
    • Store the dining chairs that are not white.
    • Clear off the ledge and counter between the kitchen and stairs, remove the tissue box, and tuck away the drying rack to make the kitchen counter space look larger for photos and showings.
    • Move the trash can to below the radish art for photos and showings.

    Living Room

    • Remove all art and photos from the stair wall.
    • Store personal items.
    • Store the art piece that's to the right of the TV, the surround sound speakers, any video components not needed, and the home-made trunk.
    • Consider storing the trunk that the TV equipment is on and adding either the small dark table from the laundry room or the dark dresser from the lower level bedroom in it's place and possibly a cord cover:
      • Consider adding a large area rug to soften the space and re-use in your new home. 8'-10"x 12', grey/off-white.
      • The boys play area and shoe cubby could be flip-flopped with the gray chair so that the first thing seen when entering the home is not kids toys.
      • Clear off the top of the piano other than the lamp.
      • Add light-colored pillows to the sofa, open the blinds, tidy the boys toys, and tuck away the pack-and-play for photos and showings.

      Master Bedroom

      • Trim the frayed carpet at the transition from the wood floor to the carpet.
      • Neatly organize contents of shelves and closet in the hall with matching baskets and matching hangers.  Store clothing that won't be used within the next 3 months.
      • Take down any personal photos.
      • Tuck the items that are stored under the bed out of sight.
      • Move the tall wicker drawers into the closet to make the bedroom space look larger.
      • Keep the bed made in light-colored bedding and the blinds 2/3 of the way open for photos and showings.
      • In the closet, store clothing that won't be used in the next 3 months.  Remove items other than clothing. Hang clothes on matching hangers for a neat appearance.  Tidy the shelves by the windows.

      Master Bathroom

      • Swap the vanity light fixture to match the new one in the lower level bathroom.
      • Deep clean the shower and try to remove hard water spots from the plumbing.
      • Clear off the window sill.
      • Organize the shelves and cabinet contents.
      • Place the trash can below the shelves and tucked in the corner so it's not visible when entering the room.
      • Remove all but a couple of nice-looking bottles from the tub and shower for photos and showings.
      • Swap the shower curtain for a white waffle weave curtain (72" x 84" white) and move the rod up to brighten the space.
      • Store the rugs and add a faux white orchid on the vanity and white towels on the bar and hooks for photos and showings.

        Stairs to Lower Level

        • Remove Beck's coat rack. 
        • At the bottom of the stairs, add a clip on shade or a fixture to the exposed bulb.  Something like these may work as a cheap fix for all of the exposed bulbs in the basement, but I'm only able to find brass:

          Lower Level Family Room

          • Remove the drywall and extra building materials.
          • Store all extra items and the red ottoman so that only Drew's office furnishings, the sofa, the massage table, and an area with the boys toys and red rocking chair remain.
          • Add the missing shelf in the closet area and keep neatly arranged items stored there, such as the boys toys in nice-looking baskets or bins.

            Lower Level Bathroom

            • Add a threshold.
            • Add a ceiling light fixture to the exposed bulb.
            • Replace the vanity light.
            • Tuck away the trash can and display the coordinating towels for photos and showings.

                Laundry & Mechanical Rooms

                  • Store any unused items.
                  • The kitchen equipment from the lower level bedroom could be placed in the laundry room so it doesn't need to be moved off-site.
                  • Arrange extra paint, building supplies, etc on the shelves in the mechanical room.
                  • Clear the floor space as much as possible.
                  • Place the drawers back in the refrigerator.
                  • Adjust the washer and dryer to be flush with one another.
                  • Add a 3' x 5' area rug in front of the washer and dryer. grey/off-white

                Lower Level Bedroom

                • Extra clothing or seasonal outdoor wear could be neatly hung in the closet so that it doesn't need to be stored off-site.
                • Store or move to elsewhere within the house, the kitchen equipment, the side chairs, and the dark wood dresser and night stand.  
                • Move the bed to be centered on the south window.
                • Move the carved art piece to hang above the bed and below the window to create the look of a headboard.
                • Place the mirrored dresser along the east wall.
                • Keep the bed made in light-colored bedding for photos and showings.

                  Stairs to Upper Level

                  • Store the gallery wall.
                  • Turn the sconce to shine downward.

                  Upper Level

                  • Add the clothes rod back to the brackets.
                  • Add an outlet cover on the receptacle near the boys cribs.
                  • Store all furnishings and personal items other than the cribs, bed, antique dresser, gray tall cabinets, the white upholstered chair and ottoman, needed toys, and the sewing machine.
                  • Place toys in a chest or basket so they look tidy.
                  • Move the antique dresser to beside the bed.
                  • Take down the two hanging pieces that are above the sewing table and move the sewing table to between the two gray cabinets.
                  • Place decorative items on the open shelving of the gray cabinets.
                  • Take down the paper lantern that's in front of the south window.
                  • Place the upholstered white chair and ottoman near the toys. 
                  • Keep the beds made with light colored bedding and open the curtains for photos and showings.

                      This list is for recommendation purposes only. Items may be purchased at the discretion of the homeowner. Sizing and specifications should be verified by purchaser.