37055 Hwy 6 Showing Prep List


37055 Hwy 6 New Castle, CO

May 2020

Tips to get ready for each showing:

  • Remove vehicles from the front of the house.
  • Sweep all walkways, driveways, and decks throughout the property clear of debris.
  • Add the missing railing.
  • Arrange the table and six chairs.
  • Raise the umbrella, weather permitting.
  • Add the cover to the grill.
  • Tidy the boys toys.
  • Open blinds and curtains all of the way.
  • Switch on all interior lights.
  • Any sign of pets including beds, food and water bowls, and toys should be tucked away.
  • Remove baby gates.
Side Entry
  • Tuck away shoes and tidy any items on the hooks.
  • Clear off the shelf and window ledge other than the plant and the photo.


    • Clear off the side, front, and top of the refrigerator.
    • Remove the boys chairs.
    • Clear off the ledge and counter between the kitchen and stairs, remove the tissue box, clear off the counters, and tuck away the drying rack.
    • Move the trash can to below the radish art.
    • Place flowers on the center of the table.

    Living Room

    • Store personal items.
    • Tuck away the diaper trash can.
    • Tidy the TV components.
    • Tidy the boys toys.
    • Tuck away the pack and play.  It could be carried upstairs.
    • Clear off the top of the piano other than the lamp.
    • Add light-colored pillows to the sofa and chair.

    Master Bedroom

    • Tuck the items that are stored under the bed out of sight.
    • Clear off the bedside tables other than the lamp and clocks.
    • Switch on the lamp.
    • Keep the bed made in light-colored bedding.
    • In the closet, tidy all contents.

    Master Bathroom

    • Remove bottles and personal items from shower, vanity, and tub.
    • Clear off the window sill other than the staging jar.
    • Place the trash can below the shelves and tucked in the corner so it's not visible when entering the room.
    • Store the rugs.
    • Add the faux flowers on the vanity.
    • Add the white towels on the bar and hooks.

    Lower Level Family Room

    • Tidy Drew's desk area and tuck away personal items.
    • Add the light colored pillows and Deborah's throw on the sofa.
    • Clear off the tops of the tables.
    • Tidy boys toys.

      Lower Level Bathroom

      • Tuck away the bottles in the shower.
      • Tuck away the trash can.
      • Display the coordinating towels.

          Laundry & Mechanical Rooms

          • Clear off the top of the washer and dryer except for detergent and the basket.
          • Clear the floor space as much as possible.
          • Turn on the ceiling light.

            Lower Level Bedroom

            • Leave the door to the room open.
            • Close the closet doors.
            • Keep the bed made in light-colored bedding.

              Upper Level

              • Place toys in a chest or basket so they look tidy.
              • Keep the beds made with light colored bedding.
              • Open the curtains and pull the south blind open.