38 E Sopris Court Checklist


38 E Sopris Ct, Glenwood Springs CO

March, 2019

Report Overview: The goal of updating 38 E Sopris Ct. is to make it an inviting home that will appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. This can be achieved by adding fresh paint and carpet throughout the home as well as completing updates as noted.  

  • Update the exterior lights.
  • Clear off the decks other than the round patio table and chairs. 
  • Take down the yellowed thermometers on the front and back of the house.
  • Replace the hose hanger that's near the front door.
  • Remove the door knocker.
  • Paint the garage door to match the siding.
  • Maintain landscaping as snow melts and weather allows.


      • Remove all furnishings, personal items, and decor.
      • Deep clean the interior of the home.
      • Paint the interior walls the color that is presently used in the living room.  All flat ceilings can remain white.  The bedroom ceilings and master bath do not appear to need repainted. Unless there is a full remodel of the master bath, this room does not need repainted.
      • Replace the carpet with Mohawk Crestview color: TBD
      • Replace low wattage light bulbs (60W or below) with brightest bulbs recommended by manufacturer. Similar fixtures within each room should have matching bulbs. Corkscrew bulbs should be removed. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be dusted and cleaned.
      • Windows including glass, screens, and sills should be spotless allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter the home. Unused screens can be stored to brighten rooms.
      • Update lighting as noted by room.
      • Update smoke and CO detectors as needed.
      • Replace the door knobs with levers or knobs to provide for new lock sets and keys.
      • Update the 3 wall sconces to brighten the space, color: bronze with white alabaster glass.

      Living Room

      • Take down the curtains and rods, patch holes.
      • Remove the hooks that are on the underside of the fireplace mantle.

      Hallway & Stairs

      • Replace the two ceiling lights in the hall with Davis 11" oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. 
      • Replace the hanging chandelier over the stairs with Emliviar 4 light foyer chandelier, oil rubbed bronze.
      • Repair the drywall where water damaged around the sky lights.

      Dining Room & Kitchen

      • Replace the dining room chandelier, 13-1/2" bronze.

      Main Level Bathroom

      • Remove the cabinet above the toilet to open up the space.
        • Replace the toilet with a Kohler model, color: biscuit to match the sink.
          • Replace the tub/shower with a Kohler/ Sterling 5' color: biscuit shower kit surround.
          • Update the light fixture above the vanity.
          • Update the ceiling fan/light.
          • Replace the flooring with tile TBD from Justin at Network Interiors Group.

          Main Level Bedroom

          • Remove the blue blinds.
          • Replace the ceiling light with Davis 13" bronze light.

          Upstairs Bedroom

          • Remove the blue blinds.
          • Replace the ceiling light with Davis 13" bronze light.

          Master Bedroom

          • Remove the pair of bookshelves.
          • Take down the curtains and rods.
          • Replace the ceiling light with Davis 13" bronze light.

          Master Bathroom

          • Remove the carpet and tile the floor throughout the bathroom and closets, including the tub step.  Tile TBD.
          • Remove the wall phone.
          • Further updating of this bathroom is recommended as the master bath is a key feature for home buyers.  Designer will provide specs for products when updates are determined.
            • Low-cost renovation (estimated: $300 - $600) 
              • Update the ceiling light/heat lamp
              • Update the towel bars, rings, and TP holder
              • Update the vanity light
            • Full renovation (estimated $5,000 - $9,000)
              • Update the ceiling heat lamp
              • Update the towel bars, rings, and TP holder
              • Update the vanity light
              • Replace the toilet with a white model
              • Remove the blue shower enclosure and finish with tile
              • Replace the vanity top with a solid surface material or stone
              • Replace the sinks with white undermount models
              • Remove the built-in bathtub and install a free-standing model
              • Replace the shower, sink, and tub plumbing fixtures for an updated look 


          • Remove the brown carpet.
          • Have the light-colored carpet on the stairs and in the main room professionally cleaned.  If cleaning does not remove the odor, remove the carpet, seal the floors, and lay carpet to match the style used upstairs.
          • Paint the basement if there are water marks on walls once personal belongings and furniture are removed.
          • Replace ceiling light fixtures in the main room and back bedroom with Davis 13" bronze light.


              This list is for recommendation purposes only. Items may be purchased at the discretion of the homeowner. Sizing and specifications should be verified by purchaser.