751 Van Dorn Road Showing Prep List


751 Van Dorn Road, Glenwood Springs CO

February, 2020

  • Remove vehicles from the driveway.
  • Shovel off the front porch, back deck, and patio.
  • Keep the patio furniture swept off.
  • Clear any sign of pets from the yard especially along the front walkway to the house.
  • Around the front door, clean the windows, siding, and overhead light.


    • Deep clean to sparkle.
    • Clean the windows.
    • Open curtains, blinds, and shades and switch on all lamps and overhead lighting.
    • Clear off surfaces.
    • Tuck away pet crates, beds, food, and items.
    • Place kid toys within their bedrooms or in the play areas.
    • Tidy closet and storage spaces by neatly stacking all items.  Keep as much of the floor space as possible clear so that each storage space looks as large as possible because there's no such thing as too much storage space for buyers!

    Living Room

    • Clear off the coffee table other than the tray.
    • Clear off the top of the side table and display the coffee table books on the bottom shelf.
    • Place the decorative throw pillows on the sofa.
    • Make a fire in the fireplace or if time does not allow, stack fresh logs in the firebox.

    Dining Room

    • Clear off the dining table except for the bowl of lemons and place mats. 
    • Tidy the desk area, keeping surfaces as clear as possible.
    • Tuck away personal items.


    • Add matching bulbs in the chandelier.
    • Tuck in the desk chair. 
    • Tidy the desk area, keeping surfaces as clear as possible.


    • Push in the bar stools.
    • Clear off and wipe down the counters.
    • Remove all personal items.
    • Tidy the contents of the glass-front cabinets.

    Mud Room

    • Clear off the bench.
    • Place items in baskets and on hooks.

    Powder Bath

    • Clear off the vanity except for soap.
    • Tuck away toilet cleaner/plunger.
    • Close the toilet lid.


    • Store the dog crate off to the side of the garage.
    • Clear the floor space around the steps into the house.
    • Move items to the sides of the garage so that the space looks large.
    • Tidy the work bench.

        Guest Suite Bedroom

        • Keep as is.

        Guest Bath

        • Store the gray rug and place the white rug in front of the sink.
        • Close the shower door and the toilet lid.
        • Add a hand towel on the hook.

          Girls Bedroom

          • Remove posters/stickers from doors.
          • Make the bed neatly and clear items from the ladder so that buyers can access the loft if desired.
          • Clear the floor space by placing toys, etc. in baskets or away in the closet to make the room look large.

          Kids Bathroom

          • Add a new bulb to the light fixture above the right sink.
          • Clear off the vanity other than the mirror, decorative items, and hand soap.
          • Pull the shower curtain 1/3 of the way open.
          • Tidy the bottles within the tub.
          • Close the toilet lid.
          • Display a towel on the towel bar and place the stool below it.

          Boys Bedroom

          • Remove posters/stickers from doors.
          • Make the bed neatly.
          • Drape the throw blanket over the back of the chair.
          • Clear the floor space by placing toys, etc. in baskets or away in the closet to make the room look large.
          • Pull the sheer curtains to the sides to showcase the view.

          Master Bedroom

          • Make the bed in the white duvet and add the white pillows and the fur pillow.
          • Clear off the bedside tables other than the lamps.
          • Remove personal items from the tops of the dressers.
          • Lower the blinds and tilt them open.
          • In the closet, clear the floor space and neatly arrange the hanging clothes.  Remove anything other than garments, shoes, and accessories.

          Master Bathroom

          • Clean the glass around the shower.
          • Clear off the tub deck.
          • Remove personal items from the vanity.
          • Remove bottles from the shower shelves.
          • Neatly arrange the matching gray towels on the hooks and bar.

            Lower Level Family Room

            • Tidy the sofa and prop up the pillows.
            • Clear off the game table other than the game.
            • Keep the ledges around the room and the TV cabinet cleared off except for the decorative items placed for photos.
            • Keep the pair of open shelves with the kids items neatly arranged.

            Kids Play Room

            • Move the pair of bar stools into the storage room.
            • Clear the floor space.
            • Tidy the toys and games.
            • Leave the door to the bathroom open.

            Lower Level Bathroom

            • Clear off the vanity other than soap.
            • Add a white or light-colored shower curtain to the shower.
            • Close the toilet lid.

            Laundry Room

            • Clear off the counter top and tops of the washer and dryer.

            Storage Room

            • Move stored items to the very back of this space so that buyers can easily walk through it from the Family Room to the Guest Bathroom.