976 Standing Deer Drive Showing Prep List


976 Standing Deer Drive, Silt CO

March, 2019 

  • Move the trash and recycle containers out of sight.
  • Keep the driveway, walkway, steps, and back patio clear of snow and debris.
  • On the back patio, place the new rugs in front of the door, arrange the four chairs around the table, sweep, and remove dogs and dog items.
  • Clear any sign of pets from the back lawn.


    • Open curtains, blinds, and shades and switch on all lamps and overhead lighting.
    • Leave all doors to rooms open for easy viewing.
    • Tuck away pet crates, beds, food, and small rugs.
    • Take pets with you if possible for all showings.
    Entry, Stairs, and Lower Level Hall
    • Clear off the bench by the front door.
    • Tidy the coat closet by clearing the floor space and keeping only seasonal clothing on matching hangers.
    • Store the area rug that's in the lower level hall to brighten the space.

    Upstairs Hallways

    • Store runner rugs.

    Dining Room

    • Pull the blinds on the doors up all of the way.
    • Add the tablecloth and fresh flowers on the dining table.


    • Clear off the counters.
    • Store the rug.
    • Place the basket of fruit in the corner with the pretty platter behind it.

    Living Room

    • Pull the blinds up and the sheers all of the way open.
    • Clear off the 1/2 wall bordering the stairs.
    • Switch on the lamp.
    • Clear off the side, end, and TV tables.
    • Place the tray with the candles and white orchid on the coffee table. 

    Upstairs Green Bath

    • Tidy the shower.
    • Pull the shower curtain open 2/3 of the way.
    • Close the toilet lid.
    • Remove the rugs and dark towels and add the white towels.
    • Clear off the vanity and add the orchid on the self.
    • Switch on all lights.


    • Tidy the desk area and push in the chair.

    Guest Bedroom

    • Prop up the pillows on the bed. 
    • Open the curtains.
    • Clear off the side table and dresser except for the decorative items.

    Master Bedroom

    • Clear off the tops of the side tables and dressers.
    • Tidy the closet, keeping the floor space clear

    Master Bath

    • Clear off the vanity and tidy the shower.
    • Pull the shower curtain open 2/3 of the way.
    • Close the toilet lid.
    • Store the rug, scale, and trash can out of sight.
    • Add the white towels.
    • Switch on all lights.

    Laundry Room

    • Clear the floor space.
    • Clear off the tops of the washer and dryer.

    Front Room Upstairs

    • Remove the over-the-door hooks.
    • Tidy the room.
    • Pull the blinds up and the drapes to the sides.

    Lower Level Bathroom

    • Clear off the vanity.
    • Tidy the shower if it's been used.
    • Display the light-colored towels.
    • Tuck away the trash can, toilet tools, and rugs.
    • Close toilet lid.

    Lower Level Bedroom

    • Tidy the black shelves.
    • Remove all other contents if possible.
    • Add the pillows on the bench.
    • Pull the blinds up and secure the curtains open to allow maximum light into the room.

    Music Room

    • Clear the floor space.
    • Tidy the sectional.
    • Switch on the lights.

    Back Storage Room

    • Keep contents tidy and organized.
    • Open the curtains.
    • Switch on the light.


    • Remove vehicles and large items and clear the floor space as much as possible.


    • Keep the contents organized and any built-in workbenches that will stay with the property cleared off for easy viewing by buyers.